We often find ourselves doubting our abilities. We allow the whispers of doubt to feed our mind, telling us not to pursue our dreams.
At Excelsia College we want to challenge those thoughts and help you take the first step towards your future.

Bachelor of Music
3yrs full-time/up to 9yrs part-time

Associate Degree of Music
2yrs full-time/up to 6yrs part-time

Master of Music
2yrs full-time/up to 6yrs part-time

If you've just finished high school or have always want to pursue your dreams in music, the Bachelor of Music is your place to start. With no ATAR required (only the completion of year 12) we audition future music influencers upon application. With first-class lecturers, purpose built music facilities, and a culture to take your passion to the next level.
This course provides musicians with the high level training in performance, musicianship, ensemble work, musicality and breadth of musical knowledge required for a life in classical music. Students are exposed to a wide range of music across history as well as one-on-one tuition with exceptional tutors on their instrument. Continue your journey into the world of classical music.
This course prepares musicians for a career in the ever-changing world of contemporary music. Artistic, technical, practical and musicianship skills are honed to create a well-rounded musician prepared for the diverse work lives led by industry professionals. Whether you want to pursue your dream as a singer-songwriter or start your own band, this strand will take you there.
This course offers multiple experiences in improvisation, ensemble work, arrangement and performance designed to prepare students for the highly skilled world of jazz musicianship. Students are encouraged to partake in multiple performance opportunities and workshops to help them think on their feet and engage with the dynamics of the jazz ethos.
Music Degree - Band
Each strand within the Bachelor of Music will prepare students for a successful career in the music industry. The knowledge students receive not only equips them with the skills necessary for a career but with a depth of knowledge of musicianship and history, to take students to the next level. Potential career pathways include:
  • Vocalist
  • Session musician
  • Songwriter/arranger
  • Performer
  • Studio Music Teacher
  • Live Sound Engineer
  • Composer of film scores
  • Arts Manager

Bachelor of Dramatic Art
3yrs full-time/up to 9yrs part-time

Associate Degree of Dramatic Art
2yrs full-time/up to 6yrs part-time

Excelsia's Bachelor of Dramatic art equips students with the industry knowledge and skills to pursue careers in a a variety of performing arts (acting, stage management, production manager, director, scriptwriter). Students will find flexibility to navigate their path in arts and entertainment industries – whether on main stage, independent theatre companies, film, television or production companies.
Prepares actors to compete in the highly rigorous theatre & screen industry. Students will develop substantial skills in:
  • Acting
  • Voice
  • Movement
  • Theoretical and practical perspectives.
  • Multiple theatre productions & opportunities
Provides an intellectual and artistic foundation for professional careers in the areas of theatre production and direction.
Grow in the confidence necessary to generate your own work and to participate successfully in a theatre company. Take the opportunity to supplement your passion with the skills, experiences and expertise for a career in theatre, film and television!
Provides an intellectual and artistic foundation for professional careers in the areas of theatre production and direction.
  • Directing units, and integrated learning
  • Mixture of understanding performance and production
  • Development of well-rounded theatrical skills useful for work in small theatre companies.
The career opportunities are wide ranging with a Bachelor of Dramatic Art. The unique structure of the degree provides students with the skill, knowledge and experience to enter the entertainment industry with confidence. Potential career pathways include:
  • Acting
  • Director
  • Stage Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Theatre Technician
  • Writer
  • Producer
  • Production assistant (TV & film)
  • Art Department Assistant
  • Drama Therapist

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