For many of us, it can feel like the coronavirus has put the world on hold.  However, Australia has fared better than most countries economically and there are several approaches you can take to ensure you come out stronger on the other side of this crisis. Upskilling could be an opportunity for greater job security and more options to progress in your career.

Whether you have been asked to assist with work outside your usual remit or find yourself with more time to fill, upskilling makes sense as a strategy that will help you gain valuable new skills to add to your CV.

What are your options?

Excelsia College, Australia’s leading Christian Higher Education provider has an innovative and creative community of people who are passionate about growing academically, professionally, personally and spiritually. Established in 1983, our students and alumni embark on a journey of lifelong learning and leadership.

If you are looking to build your skillset, Excelsia College’s new Professional Development courses are the perfect fit. These short online units will help you take proactive steps to advance your skills and give you more options to thrive in a role that you are passionate about.

“At Excelsia we understand what it takes to achieve your professional goals. Our newly launched Professional Development units build on our previous development courses to leverage the resources of the College and are delivered by instructors that are eager to share their real-world professional practices. Our tuition is designed to give professional skills that will instantly translate into positive results in the real world,” says Excelsia’s CEO Peter McKeon.

“Upskilling is the new normal for professionals or anyone hoping to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive workforce. Excelsia professional development is great for those who have a foundation of skills or have previously completed a degree and wish to advance their expertise in a particular industry or field.”

Excelsia’s latest Professional Development include:

Business Administration

  • Organisational Behaviour and Leadership
  • Organisational Learning and Change
  • Professional Ethics
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
  • Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation


  • Leading Professional Learning Communities
  • Curriculum Leadership for Rigour and Relevance
  • Leadership Classroom Pedagogies: Instruction and Inquiry for Engagement
  • Leading Data-based Change Management
  • Effective Leadership and Management
  • Creativity and Innovation for Leadership


  • Mental Health Issues in Adulthood
  • Approaches to Mental Health
  • Ethical Issues and Practice
  • Counselling Theories and Models

Integrative Studies

  • Christian Leadership


  • The series of small ensemble units

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