Excelsia College News | Unravelling the strategies of award-winning students

Unravelling the strategies of award-winning students

Liam Shaw, a recent recipient of the Postgraduate Achievement Award for Education from Excelsia College, exemplifies the dedication and resilience required to excel in higher education. Awarded by the School of Education, this recognition highlights Liam’s consistent application, academic excellence, artistic prowess, personal maturity, and unwavering commitment throughout his course. Here, Liam shares his journey, challenges, support systems, and strategies that propelled him to success.

Liam’s journey into the field of education was deeply rooted in his upbringing within a strong Christian community. His grandfather was a founding member of a community school in 1981, and his father served as a PDHPE teacher and sports master. This environment, deeply rooted in a faith-driven approach to education, motivated Liam to pursue a career in teaching, particularly in English and music – two subjects he cherished.

After completing high school, Liam felt a divine call to join the ministry of teaching. Encouraged to enrol at Excelsia College, he pursued a Master of Teaching (Secondary) that offered a faith-based educational framework. ‘Excelsia’s Christian lens and faith-based direction resonated with my beliefs and goals,’ he explained.

Balancing the demands of a part-time teaching role while pursuing his Master of Teaching (Secondary) was no small feat. ‘The workload was intense,’ Liam admits. However, he overcame these challenges through sheer determination and a supportive network. ‘I pushed myself to work hard whenever possible and surrounded myself with people who motivated me,’ he says. A group of friends pursuing the same degree formed a study group, offering mutual support. ‘Our Excelsia College WhatsApp group chat certainly made for some fun times!’ Liam recalls.

Liam acknowledges the pivotal role mentors and support systems played in his academic journey. His friends shared the learning journey, creating a vibrant and supportive environment. Moreover, the Excelsia team, particularly lecturers like Liam Webb for Music and Dr Maria Lobytsyna for English, offered extensive guidance and feedback, ensuring he grasped complex concepts and honed his skills.

For current students aspiring to achieve success, Liam emphasises the importance of hard work, resilience, and a willingness to accept constructive criticism. ‘The tutors are there to help you succeed in the real world,’ he advises. Liam also highlights the significance of finding a supportive community. ‘Surround yourself with people who will encourage and support you through your degree.’ Liam’s success can be attributed to his approach to time management and organisation. ‘Using time wisely and keeping my workspace uncluttered helped me stay focused,’ he shares. Seeking support when needed and actively seeking feedback on his work were also crucial strategies.

Liam Shaw’s journey exemplifies the power of community, faith, and determination in achieving academic excellence. His story offers valuable insights and strategies for aspiring students, highlighting the importance of hard work. As Liam continues his journey in the field of education, his strategies and experiences serve as a guiding light for those aspiring to follow in his footsteps.

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