The choices we make profoundly shape our future. The Life Choices Foundation stands as a guiding light, offering educational resources and programs aimed at empowering individuals to make informed and positive life decisions. 


Founded on the principle of providing information, education, and a voice of reason, the Foundation’s mission extends beyond conventional boundaries, reaching areas often left unexplored. Andrew Fisher is the advocate for change and empowerment, leading this movement in presenting the Life Choices Program to students nationwide. 


Excelsia College proudly stands as a key supporter of the Foundation, emphasising its commitment to holistic student development and personal growth through impactful sponsorship. The Foundation’s programs, rooted in evidence-based practices, extend beyond conventional boundaries, addressing crucial aspects such as personal values, self-discipline, addictive behaviours, and self-perception. 


With a few dedicated ambassadors passionately representing the Foundation, the message of informed choices and empowerment is carried far and wide. Their tireless efforts are complemented by the invaluable support of volunteers, who through their dedication have collectively as a community contributed almost 518 days to the operational success of the Foundation.  


One remarkable collaboration is with Brett Murray’s ‘Make Bullying History’ program, a testament to Fisher’s dedication to empowering young minds. This joint effort has shown significant results particularly with Year 10 students, as evidenced by a remarkable 99% acknowledgement of the program’s relevance from staff members. 


Excelsia College’s sponsorship of The Life Choices Foundation aligns with the Foundation’s commitment to social causes and the program’s positive feedback from both students and educators underscores its impact on student empowerment and wellbeing. 


As the Foundation continues its impactful journey, Excelsia College remains an integral part of this transformative movement. This year, we anticipate ongoing success reinforcing Excelsia’s enduring commitment to shaping a future where students make informed and positive life choices.