Sasha Giroux, a recent graduate of Excelsia College, has carved out a unique and promising path in the world of screen production. Sasha completed her Bachelor of Screen Production in December 2023, and she officially graduated in May 2024. Her journey, characterised by a blend of academic discipline, practical experience, and collaborative spirit, exemplifies the transformative power of dedicated education and hands-on learning.

Sasha’s educational journey began with a Diploma of Screen and Media at Sydney Film School (SFS), directly after high school. While this provided a solid foundation, she felt the need for further academic and practical refinement before embarking on her career. The recommendation of Excelsia College, with its strong partnership with SFS, presented the perfect opportunity. The ability to transfer credits and complete her bachelor’s degree in just a year and a half, while staying connected with familiar teachers, made the decision easier.

The program’s mix of theoretical knowledge and practical application, coupled with the opportunity for an exchange in Los Angeles, offered an ideal environment for her growth.

Despite the film students’ split time between Excelsia and Sydney Film School, Sasha felt a strong sense of belonging at Excelsia. The interdisciplinary collaboration among drama, music, and film students enriched her educational experience. Expressing an interest in theatre, she shadowed the stage manager for a drama production of The Caucasian Chalk Circle, an experience that expanded her understanding and appreciation of live performance.


Excelsia’s curriculum, combining theoretical study with practical filmmaking, equipped Sasha with a comprehensive skill set. She directed three short films and worked on numerous others, gaining experience in various roles. This hands-on practice, alongside academic learning, prepared her for the professional world. ‘I feel ready to crew on professional productions and to work my way up,’ Sasha expressed. She also feels confident in her ability to create her own projects, bolstered by the knowledge and skills acquired during her studies.

Throughout her time at Excelsia and SFS, Sasha honed crucial soft skills. Teamwork, adaptability, and problem-solving became second nature through the collaborative nature of filmmaking. ‘Filmmaking is all about working with other people, adapting to different work ethics, and collaboration to create the best possible outcome,’ she notes. Managing stress and maintaining a positive, professional set environment are skills she developed extensively as a director and first assistant director.

Post-graduation, Sasha took a summer break to recharge before diving back into the film industry. She is currently producing an independent short film and working on her own projects as a writer, director, and producer. Her recent role as assistant stage manager for a KXT play and participation in several independent projects in Sydney highlight her active engagement in the industry.

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Quote: ‘Through Excelsia and Sydney Film School, I really learned how to work in teams, on set and in the pre and post production process.’