Excelsia College’s Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Birth to 5 years) program is designed to equip graduates with the essential practical skills needed to seamlessly transition into the industry upon completing their degree.

Throughout the program, placement units are strategically integrated at significant junctures. These placements occur halfway through the first, second, and third years, culminating in a professional experience internship in the fourth year – the pinnacle of the students’ academic journey.

Each placement is carefully curated to focus on a distinct aspect, from child observation and assessment, to social, emotional, and behavioural interventions, and ethics and administrative responsibilities. The final capstone internship combines all acquired skills and knowledge. The program is led by a professional and experienced team dedicated to assisting students in securing placements, ensuring their preparedness, and guiding them through administrative requirements essential for success in the field.

What sets this course apart is the personalised attention provided to students during placements, with frequent visits from Excelsia staff members. Additionally, many students seize meaningful employment opportunities within the sector while pursuing their studies, some even benefiting from paid employment during certain placements. With an extensive network of early childhood services and recruitment organisations, Excelsia strives to match students with placements that align with their individual needs and aspirations. Moreover, Excelsia actively encourages students to explore diverse experiences, broadening their horizons and enhancing their prospects upon graduation.

Participating in the course offers students a wealth of skills and benefits. Placements focusing on ethics and administrative responsibilities deepen students’ understanding of professional conduct and ethical considerations in the field. Additionally, students acquire strategies for managing social, emotional, and behavioural challenges in children, fostering positive learning environments. These experiences not only cultivate professionalism and workplace etiquette but also provide valuable networking opportunities.

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