Excelsia College offers a dynamic 12-week internship as part of the Bachelor of Management and Entrepreneurship (BME). This initiative allows students to bridge the gap between theoretical understanding and real-world application, thereby equipping them with invaluable experiences and competencies essential for their future careers. 


The internship entails students being placed within reputable organisations, enabling them to immerse themselves in roles that align with their academic pursuits. This hands-on experience serves as a platform for students to not only apply their classroom learning but also acquire relevant workplace skills, knowledge, and competencies. By actively participating in the daily operations of their respective workplaces, students gain profound insights into the dynamics of their chosen field. 


During the internship period, students are tasked with various assignments including developing a placement plan, maintaining journal entries, delivering a presentation, and submitting a final report. These assignments serve as reflective tools, prompting students to evaluate their application of skills, lessons acquired, obstacles encountered, and the strategies implemented to overcome them. 


The benefits of participating in the internship program are multifaceted. Students gain real-world experience, setting a solid foundation for their future careers. Through interactions with professionals in the field and fellow students, interns expand their professional network. The mentorship opportunities afforded to students aim to offer guidance and support, fostering both personal and professional growth. The program allows students to explore various career paths, helping them refine their career goals and reassess their future endeavours. 


Interns emerge from the program equipped with a diverse skill set. Juggling responsibilities within a professional setting hones interns’ time management abilities. Effective collaboration with colleagues and superiors sharpens interns’ interpersonal and communication skills. Receiving and integrating feedback teaches interns how to effectively manage and utilise constructive criticism. As many employers in the market highly value these soft skills, a student gaining these skills during their studies will greatly facilitate their career advancement. 


Excelsia’s BME internship offers a transformative experience, preparing students to thrive in the competitive landscape of the business world. If you’re in need of a course that will empower you to unlock your full potential and embark on a successful career, find out more here.