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At Excelsia, we are here to help you develop the knowledge, skills and experience needed to make informed decisions and to build a rewarding career. We offer an extensive career advice service through interviewing our expert academics on various disciplines and support you to explore, develop, and succeed in your career goals.

Excelsia College desires all students to succeed beyond their studies and find fulfilling employment after graduating. The Career Service at the Student Support Centre supports Excelsia’s mission, to benefit the world by preparing graduates to lead in a range of professions, by helping establish career pathways and goals.


Career Advice Consultation

Students may request a consultation with the Career Advisor to receive individualised support and information on the next steps in their desired career. The consultation develops career goals, identifies potential obstacles and provides insights into chosen industries.


Career Workshops

Career workshops provide students with skills and insight in assisting them with their job search skills, planning careers, interview techniques and how to optimise engagement with modern platforms such as LinkedIn. Students in their final year of study are encouraged to participate in these workshops.

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