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Key Course Enrolment Dates

Application Deadlines, Orientation and other Key Course Dates

february 2023 intake

School of Business
Feb 20-24   Orientation week
March 6    Course start date 
School of Counselling
Feb 20-24   Orientation week
March 6    Course start date 
School of Creative and Performing Arts
Feb 20-24   Orientation week
March 6    Course start date 
School of Education
Feb 20-24   Orientation week
March 6    Course start date 
Master of Teaching (Primary or Secondary)
Feb 13-17   Orientation week
Feb 20    Course start date 
School of Social Work
Feb 20-24   Orientation week
March 6    Course start date 

*Drama and Music: auditions will be held at the end of the year. Please note one intake per year, unless transferring approved by School of Drama.

The School of Drama has one intake per year in Semester 1 only.

  • Applications submitted after the Final Round will be considered on a ‘case by case’ basis. Only complete applications will be considered.
  • If you feel like you may miss the Final Round closing date, please contact us on 02 9819 8810.
  • Offers Emailed: All applicants will be notified via email of whether an offer of a place has been made, by the close of business on the date indicated. A Letter of Offer will follow via email or post.
  • Student to respond by: Please note that if no response is received, your place in the course may not be held.

Music and Drama Audition Dates and Interviews
Once your application is received you will be contacted for an audition or interview. Your round may change depending on your ability to meet this requirement and if so you will be moved into the next applicable Round period.

Drama & Music Auditions: By appointment.

Overseas applicants will generally not be allowed entry into a course that does not allow them to study a full time load (0.5 EFTSL) per semester. Applicants will be advised if this is the case with their application. Please allow approximately 3 weeks for the College to process your application and issue you a Letter of Offer.


After this, you will need to allow further time to accept your offer, pay fees and be issued with an eCOE, apply for a student visa and make travel arrangements. It is your responsibility to know the visa application requirements for your country and ensure that you apply in a timely fashion.