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Integrative Studies

Excelsia College aims to provide excellence in higher education within a distinctive Christian framework. Every university and college works out of a particular worldview which integrates knowledge with action, and information with personal formation. Accordingly, all undergraduates at Excelsia study a suite of subjects called Integrative Studies, in which students are encouraged to assess critically their own worldview, and to engage thoughtfully with the Christian worldview that undergirds all teaching and learning at Excelsia.

The Integrative Studies curriculum addresses a range of topic areas:
Worldview seeks to clarify the way we conceptualise God, the world, the human person, and morality. It provides the student with intellectual and practical tools to assess critically whether a worldview is both intellectually coherent and practically useful, within our various social and political contexts.

Ethics draws upon the Western intellectual tradition, and the particular contributions of Christian thinkers, to help develop a workable framework for making moral decisions.

Biblical Studies enables students to read the central texts of Christianity, both Old and New Testament, in a way that is historically grounded and contextually aware. As a seminal text in the development of Western Culture, this course explores the relevance of the Christian Scriptures for both the believer and non-believer.

Vocation studies the way the Christian intellectual tradition speaks to the notion of “calling” in regards to the work we perform in this world. It encourages students to see their work as meaningful praxis, in which they are able to make a real and significant contribution to the world.

Academic staff for integrative studies

Professor Kirsty Beilharz | Integrative Studies Program Director | Excelsia College

Integrative Studies Program Director

Professor Kirsty Beilharz