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Excelsia College is thrilled to unveil our Global Online Auditions program. We are excited to be offering virtual auditions for the domestic and international community for our world-class creative degrees.

This initiative allows prospective students to audition online for the Bachelor of Dramatic Art, Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Screen Production, offering a remote alternative to face-to-face auditions.

We know how difficult this past year has been for people across the world, with disruptions due to COVID-19 and more uncertainties than usual about what happens next. Our aim is to take as much anxiety away as possible by giving you a unique opportunity to showcase your talent from wherever you are in the world.

Our audition procedure is designed to enable us to find out about you – not just how good a performer you are, but what sort of a person you are, and to assess whether you have the potential to benefit from our approach. We aim to provide a positive and friendly atmosphere, and we want you to enjoy yourself while conducting your audition.

Excelsia College is looking for the next global phenomenon. And it could be you! We cannot wait to discover the new creatives of the future.

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