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Early Childhood Education Webinar

At Excelsia, we appreciate the vital role that you play in helping students prepare for their future at college and beyond. Join us for our upcoming Early Childhood Education Career Adviser Webinar to help you guide your students’ ambition. The webinar will provide information you need about our early childhood course, admission pathways, early offer and more.


Stay up-to-date with courses that will equip your students to reach their full potential in the area of early childhood education. You’ll need to register to get the opportunity to put your questions to the experts, so make sure you join us for this virtual event.

date: friday 25 march 2022
time: 11am
event type: online
cost: free

Key note speakers

Joanne Ng | Early Childhood Education | Excelsia College
Joanne Ng
Associate Lecturer Early Childhood Education

Masters of Early Childhood (Macquarie University), Bachelor of Arts and Social Science (Singapore University), Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood, Institute of Early Childhood, Postgraduate Certificate of Research (Macquarie University)

Joanne is a reflective Early Childhood practitioner who has been teaching extensively for over 12 years both in Australia and Singapore. She has assumed the position of Head of Chinese Department in one of Singapore’s largest kindergarten and has been working as a teaching director with KU Children’s Services for five years.

Joanne is passionate about young children’s positive interactions, inclusion, second language acquisition and staff’s well-being, professional development and leadership. Her current research interest includes, burnout and well-being of early childhood educators, multi-language and multicultural learning, early childhood leadership, quality early childhood education and professional experience and pre-service teachers.

Dr Pegah Marandi
Dr Pegah Marandi 
Lecturer and Field Education Coordinator, Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

Doctor of Philosophy, English Literature, Master of English Literature, Culture, and Modernity, Bachelor of English Literature, Graduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics & TESOL

Dr Pegah Marandi is an experienced lecturer with over 14 years of experience lecturing different units of Master of Teaching (Secondary): supervising, advising, and assessing practicum students, working on Academic Materials and Digital Design for LANTITE at Western Sydney University as well as teaching Media unit at Macquarie University. She is also a research assistant engaged in different research projects at Western Sydney University and at Excelsia College.

Pegah has experience in analytical cultural studies and expertise in coding and analysing qualitative data. This expertise in content analysis was used in the data analysis and reduction processes. She has carried out research projects in other contexts as well as in Australian within School of Education. She is currently a research assistant engaged in both current state of historical consciousness of Australian children (from school year 6 to school year 12) who are exposed to the Australian curriculum in History and determine what historical concepts, values and skills are evident, and also engaged in developing pre-service teachers’ capability to teach culturally and linguistically diverse students.

Helen Child 
Education Practicum and Placement Coordinator

Bachelor of Education and Music – Liverpool Hope University, Diploma of Photography – CATC

Helen Child is the Education Practicum and Placement Coordinator at Excelsia College. She has over twenty years of teaching experience both in the UK and Australia, specialising in music, performance and vocals. Helen has past experience in management, marketing and creative arts having owned a successful photography business for 14 years. She is passionate about Education and is relishing the opportunity to work with an amazing team of educators and academics, while creating a foundationally sound process flow to the element of practicum placements within the Bachelor of Early Childhood.

What makes us stand out?

BECE webinar | Excelsia

Teaching and support

Within the Bachelor of Early Childhood (BEC) program, we champion the culture of strength-based learning, supporting each student to shine at their studies through a supportive network of academic, social and spiritual team and resources.

Early Childhood webinar | Excelsia

Professional Experience

Professional Experiences per year have been integrated with units of studies to provide practical experience of implementing the theories learnt within the current placement, building on previous acquired experiences.

Industry networks

The BEC program prides itself on providing students with opportunities to network with their peers and professionals within the fields using the BEC Facebook Page, class experiences and yearly at their respective placement services.

Career planning

Well prepared Early Childhood Teachers gain extensive hands-on experience through working in a range of quality early childhood services.

What do our students say?

‘Choosing to study at Excelsia was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The learning environment has been fantastic, the academic staff have been very supportive and continue to model to me how to become a great teacher. I have also made friends from a diverse cultural background and I can see a great career ahead of me.’

Sonu Khadka
Early Childhood Student

Sonu Khadka | Early Childhood Eaucation