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Counselling Webinar

If you’re considering a career in counselling but not sure where you want to study, why not come along to Excelsia College’s Online Webinar for Counselling? Head of Counselling and Associate Professor, Dr Ebi Cocodia, will explore theories on counselling, latest insights into the industry and counselling approaches on Tuesday 6 December starting at 6pm. You’ll find out about the Master of Counselling and Graduate Diploma of Counselling at Excelsia College, as well as the alternate pathways if you don’t meet the required entry.

You will enjoy course overviews, a virtual campus tour, live Q&A’s and a session with our counselling faculty. Whether you are wanting to learn counselling skills or become a fully qualified counsellor, why not come to the online webinar? Take the first step on your journey and have all your questions answered from the comfort of your home.

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date: Tuesday 
6 December 2022
time: 6pm
Duration: 30 minutes
event type: online
cost: free

Key note speaker

EBI COCODIA | Excelsia College | Counselling
Head of Counselling & Associate Professor

Associate Professor Ebi completed a PhD from the University of New South Wales in Sydney in 2004. She is an academic leader, researcher and integrative counsellor with an interest in person-centered approaches. Research interests include young people and mental health; counsellor education; reflective practice; cross- cultural approaches and the psychology of human intelligence.

What make our counselling courses stand out?

What do our students say?

 ‘The Master of Counselling offered by Excelsia covered a wide range of therapeutic modalities that aligned with the kind of therapy style I wanted to pursue. I felt a degree like this one would be a great starting point for me.’

Anthea Agoratsios | Excelsia College
Anthea Agoratsios
Master of Counselling graduate

‘Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to work as a counsellor and make the world a better place. I chose Excelsia College because I wanted to learn counselling not only from a clinical worldview but also a Christian worldview.’


Vonnie Ho | MAster of Counselling | Excelsia College
Vonnie Ho
Master of Counselling graduate

‘What I’ve learnt in counselling is a sense of self-acceptance and self forgiveness and that’s really key to help clients progress. Whether it’s grief, trauma or addiction or other external issues, I’ve learnt to meet people where they are. I think that’s been the key thing in this course that I’ve found the lecturers live out as well as teach.’

Yannick | Excelsia College
Yannick Lawry
Master of Counselling student

‘I have learned a tremendous amount of interesting things about myself, people and the world. I have made new friendships that I hope will last a lifetime. I have felt included and embraced just the way I am. The best things about the program are its diversity and small classes, which allow for a personal touch and a better perspective and interactive way of learning.’

Anastasia | Master of Counselling | Excelsia College
Master of Counselling graduate