Student Story – Amy Lawler

Student Story – Amy Lawler

Are you curious about what it is like to study acting in the heart of Hollywood? Have you ever imagined yourself training in one of the most dynamic cities in the world? We asked current Bachelor of Dramatic Art student Amy Lawler to share her recent experience of Excelsia’s exclusive OZ to LA program.


She talks about student life at Excelsia College, her experience of studying in Los Angeles, and gives her best advice for students who are thinking about participating in the OZ to LA Program.


1. Why did you choose to study the Bachelor of Dramatic Art at Excelsia College?

I chose to study at Excelsia because of the quality of classes they offered. I like that each year is limited to a small number of students, meaning that we can really get hands on experience and quality time with each lecturer. I also chose to study here in part, because of the OZ to LA program. As an emerging actor and writer, I was very interested in living in LA and experiencing what it had to offer.


2. What was your experience with the OZ to LA program?

My experience with the program was a highly positive one. The school we studied at (Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory) not only offered a good education, but they were extremely helpful and accommodative to our needs.

However, the school was only a small part of the overall experience. I found that just living in LA offered a myriad of exciting and new experiences. I enjoyed attending the events that Excelsia College set up, particularly the film festival, as it was an amazing networking experience and the Warner Bros. Studio Tour where we got to see firsthand how and where many films and shows are brought to life.
We were also lucky enough to attend G ’Day USA, a massive event where prominent American and Australian talent gather to celebrate the relationship between Australia and the US. This event was an amazing networking opportunity as we were able to mingle with industry professionals.


3. What was it like studying and training screen acting in the heart of Hollywood?

Studying acting in LA is eye opening and creatively invigorating; there is nothing better than having your career as an artist taken seriously. Its inspiring being around so many creative minds everywhere you go.
Studying in Santa Monica was a beautiful experience. All the classes were useful, particularly when learning about the technical aspect of the film industry in America. The instructors were also amazing. They’re all currently working in the industry and so were able to give current and insightful information.


4. What was the biggest benefit of participating in the OZ to LA program?

I found that being in LA made me realise how achievable working in this industry is and this trip re-ignited my drive to do so. Living in another country, even for a short time, gave me a new sense of independence and determination. Living in LA particularly inspired me to find and create my own work.


5. What is one piece of advice you would offer students who want to partake in the OZ to LA program?

Be independent and make your own experience. Whilst the events that the college provided are amazing, I found some of the highlights were the experiences we found and created ourselves.
Excelsia College’s OZ to LA program is exclusive to the Bachelor of Dramatic Art.
This program gives students the unique opportunity to spend three months in Hollywood training at prestigious Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory. Throughout the program, students will study five days a week at the Los Angeles renowned school in an intense and concentrated manner, testing student’s commitment, passion and suitability for life as an actor.


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