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We love to celebrate the dedication of our staff

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Reward and recognition programs, and staff benefits

At Excelsia, we have much to recognise and celebrate as a staff community. We practise gratitude and have many channels to express thankfulness to one another. We also come together formally to celebrate our staff through our values based Share the Light Award and performance based Excellence in Teaching Award.

Share the Light
  • Share the Light Award

    • Aims to recognise and reward staff living the values of the College;
      • • Christ-likeness
      • • Innovation and Creativity
      • • Scholarship
      • • Service to the Community
      • • Lifelong learning
    • Bring to life the values of the College.
    • Provide a platform to showcase staff achievements.
Excellence in Teaching
  • Excellence in Teaching Award:

    • The purpose of the College Excellence in Teaching Award is to recognise the contribution made by academic staff across the college in teaching excellence.
    • Nominations can be made by individuals, students, or academic peers.
Community Gathering
  • Monthly Community Meetings & Community Newsletters

    • • We come together as a staff community to share updates and hear from our CEO.
    • • Our Community Newsletter celebrates the learnings and achievements of our People.
Make my Day
  • The Make My Day Program serves as an avenue for the College to gift our staff with small surprises and encouragements that aim to “make their day”.
  • The program works to recognise and reward our staff collectively, for their efforts, small and large, seen and unseen, that make our community what it is.
  • We enjoyed blessing our staff with a surprise coffee and cookie earlier this year! (See image below)


Year 2021
Excellence in teaching award

Ireni Farag

School of Counselling

Counselling Lecturer

Excellence in Teaching Award overall winner for 2021 was Ireni Farag for designing teaching underpinned by socio-cultural research and a desire to stimulate curiosity in students that encourages life-long learning and enhances the student learning experience at Excelsia College.


Her application provided numerous examples of versatile teaching methods that enhanced students‘ learning experience at Excelsia college. Carefully designed, scaffolded assessments ensure students are introduced carefully to complex theories and models. Case studies that include Christian organizations display a level of design in which students gain intimate knowledge of potential organizations where they can work in the future. Adaption of a client-centred counselling approach to teaching is evidenced by enthusiastic and inspired student feedback.


Winner in year 2020

Fiona Gentle

Associate Lecturer CAPA, Academic Support Advisor

Fiona was nominated for being a dedicated and caring teacher. Her experience in Drama and as a portfolio career artist and teacher has made her particularly good at engaging students to think creatively about their work. In 2020 due to Covid-19 lockdown, Fiona directed the college musical Songs for a New World, changing it to an online format. Students engaged with Fiona in the problem-solving exercise, working independently and innovatively to make the musical happen despite isolation. Fiona’s greatest strength is the respect and support she provides to every individual student.

Winner in year 2019