Excelsia College’s Student Support Centre has introduced a new wellbeing check-in service to help track the mental health and moods of students.

Skodel Check-Ins are short and engaging surveys that give students a friendly outlet to voice their wellbeing and help educators monitor the mental health of students. Skodel assists through providing a non-invasive way to hear from students regarding their wellbeing and its causes. It will help break down the barriers that some students may face in coming forward when they are in need of support.

Drew Plon, Excelsia’s Student Support Manager, says that the partnership with Skodel provides an easy way to engage with students and assess how they are feeling and coping with everyday life, lockdown restrictions and education demands.

‘Depending on the responses we receive from students we can respond with an offer of support that suits their particular needs,’ says Plon. ‘Skodel itself also contains various articles with practical tips on how students can manage their own wellbeing.’

‘As the College has experienced rapid growth over the past few years, we wanted a system that gave us the ability to more easily connect with our students on a regular basis and obtain feedback on how they are tracking with their wellbeing. Skodel allows us to reach out to our students directly and hear from them in a simple way, whilst also allowing us to track their wellbeing over time. This will better enable us to pinpoint common times throughout the year when student stress or wellbeing is impacted more than usual, allowing us to be more proactive with the support measures that we provide.’

Plon explains that it is important to invest in a student’s mental health as it is a crucial part to their academic success.

‘The evidence is clear that if students are struggling with their mental health it can have a detrimental impact on their study. We want to do everything within our power to help our students improve their wellbeing so that they can perform at their best in their academic life.’

Excelsia students should keep an eye out for the Skodel Check-Ins that will appear in their student emails.