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Sasha Miloslavskaya’s Inspiring Journey at Excelsia College

Pursuing a Master of Counselling, Sasha Miloslavskaya was led by more than just academic excellence – it was the quest for an inclusive and warm community that drove her. In her endeavour to juggle full-time work commitments with study, Sasha found the perfect fit at Excelsia College. The appeal was found in weekend classes and face-to-face learning within a relational and human-centered course, marking the commencement of her academic journey.


‘Being at Excelsia felt like home. I really enjoyed being both a student and a staff member. Excelsia has a wonderful atmosphere; one always feels supported, heard, and loved. The spirit of Excelsia is that of generosity, kindness, inclusiveness, and possibility. I have made friends for life and met many like-minded people, amongst both students and staff. I miss Excelsia dearly and look forward to the opportunity to give back in any way I can, when I can.’


When describing Excelsia, Sasha uses the words ‘future, love, and friendship’, emphasising the unique qualities of Excelsia College, including smaller class sizes and the different journeys each student undertakes. Studying counselling encourages individuals to assess not only others but also themselves, fostering vulnerability – a lesson Sasha holds tightly. ‘The most important thing I have learned was that it’s okay to ask for help. I have also learned that it is important to have the right support – people you can depend on in your life. And last, but not least, I learned the value of friendship and treating people with kindness.’


Since graduating, Sasha has established a private practice and founded HERE4U Counselling & Psychotherapy, dedicated to helping those in need of guidance and support, particularly from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities. Identifying as a CALD therapist, Sasha purposefully offers a sliding scale to assist those less fortunate and takes pro-bono cases when appropriate.


It is evident that Sasha has a genuine passion for meaningful work. ‘I would love to find a rewarding job where people are what matters, and a person-centered approach leads the way. My dream is to have a rewarding job helping children and young people learn about who they are and how they can feel safe and regulated in everyday life,’ she explains.


Reflecting on her time at Excelsia, Sasha finds it challenging to pinpoint one defining moment, given her roles as a student, employee, and counselling intern. ‘My experience at Excelsia was so important, so valuable, and so fulfilling. I have belonged to the Excelsia family in different capacities, and within all these roles, I have always felt loved and supported. I feel like I want to give a special mention to the student lounge area – for such a small college, Excelsia went out of its way to make students feel relaxed, at ease, and able to balance work and play.’


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Caption: Excelsia’s spirit, rooted in generosity, kindness, inclusiveness, and boundless possibilities, became the drive for Sasha’s pursuit of a Master of Counselling. Now, as a dedicated therapist and founder of HERE4U Counselling & Psychotherapy, Sasha extends her passion for meaningful work, focusing on aiding culturally diverse communities. Her commitment to offering a helping hand is a testament to her time at Excelsia.

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