Staff Research Work in Progress Seminars


The broad purpose of the Research Work in Progress (WIP) seminars is to support and mentor staff in their research activities as part of the coordinated research efforts of the College.

Specific aims of the WIP seminars are to:

  1. Foster a research community through regular discussion of internal and external research activities;
  2. Foster collaborative research, including inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary research, through discussion of internal and external research activities;
  3. Provide feedback from diverse academic perspectives on staff research outputs at critical times in the research process (initial ideas, formulating specific research questions or hypotheses, finalising methodology, data analysis, written or verbal research reporting);
  4. Facilitate dissemination of internal research outputs to the Excelsia College community and the wider academic community.

Dates and times of seminars:

Seminars are usually held on the first Tuesday of each month, excluding December, January & February.  The exact dates depend on staff availability.  Meetings are held between 1 and 2 pm.

Format of seminars

Formats include research workshops and seminars, writing workshops, and conference practice sessions.  In workshops staff or invited external researchers briefly present some work in progress and invite discussion.  In seminars an invited speaker presents research findings or discusses a research issue in a more extended presentation, but with at least 20 minutes of open discussion.  Writing workshops are devoted to reading and providing feedback to works in progress in pairs or small groups.  Conference practice sessions include the presentation of a paper prepared for a forthcoming conference plus discussion of the content and mode of presentation.

2019 Program

  March   Workshop Work in progress on study of staff perceptions of student formation Dr Sunaina Gowan & Dr Maureen Miner
  April   Seminar A Phenomenographic Study of Destructive Leadership in Education Assoc. Prof. George Odhiambo
  May   Seminar Embracing learning, resisting change: When might comfort inhibit learning? Dr Mark Seton
  June   Workshop Supervising research students Dr Maureen Miner Bridges
  August Conference practice Paper for Lumen Conference: Public evangelicals and the common good Dr Mark Stephens
  September   Workshop Work in progress on studies of music Dr Lotte Latukefu
  October   Workshop Work in progress: research and creative projects Dr Peter Stiles
  November   Seminar Intentional formation and theatre Dr Roz Riley
  December   Writing retreat Facilitating research writing Writing retreat