Research Areas and Topics

Research at Excelsia College covers five priority areas that reflect the College’s mission, vision and values.  These priority research areas, with their research leaders, are as follows:

  • Religion, Spirituality and Human Well-Being: led by Dr Maureen Miner
  • Integrative Studies: led by Professor Kirsty Beicharz
  • Organizational leadership and business studies: led by Professor Ian Eddie
  • Performance, Creativity and Innovation: led by Dr Lotte Latukefu
  • Christian Teaching and Teacher Education: led by Associate Professor George Odhiambo.

Specific topics within each area of research interest include:

Religion, Spirituality and Human Well-Being

  • Attachment to God and psychospiritual formation
  • Spiritual and Psychospiritual Maturity
  • Psychological Needs and Mental Health
  • Well-Being Across the Life-Span

Integrative Studies

  • Faith-Life Integration
  • Christianity and contemporary culture
  • Biblical studies and formation

Organizational leadership and business studies

  • Management and workplace diversity
  • Burnout, Work Engagement and Leadership Sustainability
  • Ethical business practice and leadership

Performance, Creativity and Innovation

  • Professional and personal formation of performing artists
  • Nature and nurture of creativity
  • Andragogical Approaches to Performance Studies in Higher Education

Christian Teaching and Teacher Education

  • Christian Schooling
  • Christian Philosophy of Education
  • Curriculum and Teaching Methods
  • Teacher Preparation and Teacher Mentoring