Rabina Giri Excellent Personalities

Rabina Giri – Excellent Personalities

For the past six months, Rabina Giri has been working as a Student Advisor at Excelsia College, but her association with the College began back in 2019 as a Master of Counselling student. Back home in Nepal, Rabina had studied a Bachelor of Social Work, and when she arrived in Australia she initially had a difficult time adjusting to study in a new country. ‘When I was a student, I wanted to change courses to a Master of Social Work because I was not doing well in my studies, however I did not give up and that one decision led to me having an amazing student experience.’


As a student, Rabina’s favourite things about the College included interacting with a diverse group of students across varied aged groups and the support provided by the academic staff. ‘I got to learn from mature students, as well as share my ideas as a young student. The academic staff were also very supportive of me throughout my learning process even when I had setbacks in the initial stage of starting my course.’


Within the Master of Counselling course, students develop self-awareness and reflection as they consider how to enhance the quality of their own professional practice, as well as their ongoing personal maturity. ‘Counselling sessions have been an immense support through this journey. As an international student, my mental health was taken care of, and I always had a safe place to go. The course not only prepares you to be a counsellor but also helps you gain insight into yourself and others. I have enjoyed every aspect of this course,’ says Rabina.


Rabina’s perseverance paid off and at the end of 2021 she completed her studies. Within a month upon finishing, Rabina had gone from student to member of the Student Acquisition team! ‘It all happened so quickly, and I was honoured to have this opportunity to join Excelsia as a staff member. I was warmly welcomed by all the staff members and my team has been extremely supportive through my learning. There are still many things I need to learn; however, everyone has been helping me through this process.’


‘Excelsia has exceeded my expectations as both a student and staff member. I love being able to work within the college in this Student Advisor position. It was a surprise for me, and I took it because God wanted me to be here. I have learned to trust and have faith in God as I am loved and looked after.’


A helpful piece of advice Rabina has taken from Excelsia College is ‘to always remember that my voice matters and to speak up. I was also encouraged to continue my studies by my counsellor, I learned to never give up.’ It is this fighting attitude that makes Rabina an Excellent Personality. We’re so pleased that Rabina can continue at Excelsia College in a new role and can’t wait to see her blossom further.


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