Excelsia College's First Virtual Open Day 2020

Looking to unlock your passion and develop a meaningful career in Creative and Performing Arts and Early Childhood Education? Excelsia will be bringing its open day event to you with a full live stream, accessible from anywhere using a digital device.

Learn everything you need to know about student life at Excelsia! Experience subject talks, live Q&As, and have all your burning questions answered from the comfort of your home.
Hear from our veteran lecturers and discover potential career pathways in a film, drama, music and early childhood course.

Open Day Virtual Event Information

Saturday 29 August 2020
 10am - 3pm

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Event Schedule

> Virtual Open Day Commencement
>  Introduction to Screen Production

> Drama

> Music

> Early Childhood Education

Things to do at our Virtual Open Day 

Discover how we intertwine relevant industry skills and facilities with passionate academic staff to produce quality degrees for our students.
With an extensive range of undergraduate courses to explore, we'll have a comprehensive lineup of:
  • Course overview sessions
  • Virtual campus tours
  • Live chats with our faculties
  • Exclusive student performances and films
  • Creative masterclasses

Activities to bookmark

Explore everything we have to offer you musically in 2021 (and beyond!). Take a virtual tour of our music facilities and hear what our current students have to say about being a part of our creative community. We will also include live presentations where you can ask questions about academic content, strand options, fees, how you study and more. Hear from some of our leading music academics and take a sneak peek of performance opportunities at Excelsia.

Discover what it is like to study a Bachelor of Dramatic Art at Excelsia. From meeting our leading academics and staff to finding out what’s required from an applicant, you will leave with a better understanding of life as a student in this degree. You will also hear from Acting for Screen Lecturer and internationally acclaimed actor Jay Laga’aia and find out what it is like to study acting in the heart of Hollywood with our exclusive OZ to LA program.

This ground-breaking bachelor’s degree launching in 2021 is delivered in partnership with globally ranked Sydney Film School to prepare students to build successful careers in film and screen. This session is a great way to find out more about the Bachelor of Screen Production and what it can do for your career. It consists of a course overview, Q&A about the degree, and a My Creative Film Career session where the Executive Chair of Sydney Film School Simon Hunter and actor Jason Perini discuss how to unlock your film possibilities.

Early childhood education is a crucial sector, providing children with the early stages of development. This session is the perfect opportunity to get an interactive feel for life as a student in the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. On the day, you will get the chance to speak to our academic staff and to learn more about what the course offers. During this online event staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about the course and where this in demand degree can take you after graduation.

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Discover our range of courses 

Three Strands of Drama

Prepares actors to compete in a highly rigorous industry. Acting, voice and movement skills are developed, with students exploring both theoretical and practical perspectives.

Offers a mixture of performance and production units in one program, enabling the development of well-rounded theatrical skills useful for work in small theatre companies, particularly in the area of theatre producing and directing. Paired with our Master of Teaching, it also satisfies the requirements for secondary Drama teaching.

Provides an intellectual and artistic foundation for professional careers in the areas of design and stage management.Grow in the confidence necessary to generate your own work and to participate successfully in a theatre company. Take the opportunity to supplement your passion with the skills, experiences and expertise for a career in theatre, film and television!

Three Strands of Music

This course provides musicians with the high level training in performance, musicianship, ensemble work, musicality and breadth of musical knowledge required for a life in classical music. Students are exposed to a wide range of music across history as well as one-on-one tuition with exceptional tutors on their instrument.

This course prepares musicians for a career in the ever-changing world of contemporary music. Artistic, technical, practical and musicianship skills are honed to create a well-rounded musician prepared for the diverse work lives led by industry professionals.

This course offers multiple experiences in improvisation, ensemble work, arrangement and performance designed to prepare students for the highly skilled world of jazz musicianship. Students are encouraged to partake in multiple performance opportunities and workshops to help them think on their feet and engage with the jazz ethos.

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