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Nada Appleby – A heart for pastoral care and student wellbeing

It was the College’s commitment to delivering a Christian world view through coursework and reflective practice that first attracted Nada Appleby to a Master of Teaching (Secondary) at Excelsia College.


For Nada, the onsite workshops as part of the Master of Teaching (Secondary) course were a key highlight, as was the ability to study remotely with an online community. ‘The flexibility and support were wonderful, and the lecturers were highly relational and approachable and they clearly had a passion for Christian education which was inspiring. I feel so privileged to have met a variety of inspiring educators during my time at Excelsia. The staff were an unbelievable support during placement opportunities and lecturers displayed a gentle, relational approach, which is something I have tried to imitate in my own teaching style,’ she explains.


‘It was wonderful to sit under quality teaching and reflect on educational theories through the lens of the Bible. The course gave me practical, lifelong skills in the area of critical reflection and the skills for bringing a Christian world view through my teaching practice. It is a flexible, relational and welcoming environment.’

Since graduating in 2018, Nada has been working as a secondary teacher at Calderwood Christian School and has enjoyed getting to know students and grow as a teacher. She has a passion for student wellbeing and has undertaken further counselling training to care more effectively for students. ‘I have a heart for pastoral care and in the future would like to support students and their families as they traverse the sometimes difficult terrain that adolescence brings,’ she explains. 

When reflecting on the College turning forty, Nada reflects, ‘This is an incredible milestone! Excelsia should be proud of the way it has supported not just emerging educators but also students in all of their faculty areas.’


If you’re interested in studying education and learning from a Christian world view, why not explore Excelsia College’s Master of Teaching (Secondary)?