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Kathryn Honor – Excellent Personalities

Kathryn Honor has been working at Excelsia College for just over two years. With her warm personality and love for woodcarving and creating things from the heart (she literally designed, carved, and finished a heart-shaped pouring bowl!) there’s no doubt she is worthy of being our latest Excellent Personality. When Kathryn isn’t working as the Administrative Assistant to the Chief Academic Officer, she is busy tackling her latest creative challenge, whether that be with a paintbrush, needle and thread, carving knife/gouge or power tool!

Kathryn is also very community-centric. She helps to keep her church safe as a safe ministry representative, and she is involved in a range of community groups including as vice president of Epping Creative Centre Incorporated (a centre that offers a meeting place for over 40 different community groups), as a committee member at the Sydney Woodcarver Group Incorporated and in a number of volunteer positions at Girl Guides – from cook to cleaner, to assisting with craft and outdoor activities. On top of that, she is mum to young adult twin daughters and likes encouraging them to flex their creative muscles through textiles, painting, other craft activities and a love for activities in the great outdoors.

Something God has taught Kathryn throughout her time at Excelsia is the continuing theme of being a part of God’s family. ‘We are all a Christian diverse family even though we come from all different lands and worship via different service providers. God’s love and commitment to us is what keeps us going. We can all share in worship, prayer, and devotion to our God together,’ Kathryn explains. ‘The Excelsia community is vibrant, dramatic, multicultural and a God-loving family.’

As for what has surprised Kathryn about Excelsia, she explains, ‘Having been in single denominational or specific specialised settings in my last couple of jobs, I have really enjoyed learning and being exposed to other religions and cultures, whether sharing food, stories or opinions! This has broadened my world view.’

At Excelsia, team members are encouraged to reflect on ways they can grow and improve within their role, culminating in their Stretch Goals. In reflecting on her 2021 goals, Kathryn explains, ‘There was the statement, ‘I haven’t learned that YET?’ This is my new mantra – I haven’t done/learned/achieved that YET, instead of I can’t do that or don’t know how to do that! It opens your mind to a whole lot of exciting possibilities and challenges.’

Over the Christmas break, Kathryn attended a residential woodcarving course by master carver Hape Kiddle. Kathryn was guided through the process of carving an organic seed-inspired form from conceptual design through to a finished piece. ‘I started with a heart-shaped seed and through the process, the piece “Pouring the Love” evolved. This piece is very tactile and fits into your palms. It is designed to pour from the heart; you can share the love from this piece! It is a bowl to be given and to be felt, and it is representative of giving/sharing of the love/heart.’

All of Kathryn’s pieces reflect on the Bible and her ‘Pouring the Love’ bowl definitely fits the sharing of love and her favourite New Testament verse John 13:34–35: ‘A new commandment I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.’

Kathryn explains, ‘I have a creative and practical approach to life, and I am really blessed with my hands. Hence, I love any form of art and craft, DIY project, cooking etc. I believe that as people, we should see ourselves as creative, as our God, who shaped us, is the most creative being! I love to zone out when creating! It’s my happy, yet reflective place,’ says Kathryn.

Excelsia College is blessed to have such a diverse range of staff who are showcasing their God-given gifts. We can’t wait to see what other creations Kathryn comes up with and are so pleased she’s with us at Excelsia College.

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