a young actor sitting on the chair, in an open historic site, smiling.

Joshua Hinson’s Advice on Achieving the Art Award

Joshua Hinson’s love for the arts began at a young age, inspired by watching his mother perform. His early involvement in community theatre, particularly his role as ‘The Little Prince’ alongside his twin brother, set the stage for his future in the arts. ‘It planted a seed quite early on,’ Joshua recalls. However, it wasn’t until the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 that he decided to pursue drama seriously. Encouraged by his mother, Joshua applied to Excelsia College, attracted by its Christian-based education and supportive environment. At Excelsia, he found a renewed passion for acting, realising he could ‘really play for the rest of my life’. Joshua went on to achieve the Art Award, the award is presented by the Excelsia College Board to a graduate from the School of Creative and Performing Arts who has demonstrated artistic excellence, outstanding academic achievement, personal maturity, Christian commitment, and significant contributions to the college through artistic and community service. 


Joshua expresses that achieving the Art Award was a collective effort. ‘I think that award has all my peers’ names on it as well as mine,’ he says, attributing his success to the support, passion, and friendly competition among his peers. He acknowledges that without their commitment and camaraderie, his journey would have been much more challenging. This sense of community and mutual support was pivotal in helping him navigate the highs and lows of his artistic journey. 

Support systems play a vital role in navigating the challenges of artistic pursuits. For Joshua, the support came from many sources, including friends, family, and most importantly, his faith. ‘Someone who really stuck with me through absolutely everything is God. All glory to Him,’ Joshua says. Having a steadfast source of support, whether spiritual or communal, provides a foundation that can help sustain artists through their journeys. 


Balancing personal and academic responsibilities is crucial for success in any field, and Joshua shares practical advice on how to manage this balance effectively. He stresses the importance of knowing your priorities and planning proactively. ‘Life can get busy very quickly, especially when you’re studying,’ he notes. Joshua also highlights the necessity of being honest with oneself and recognising that it’s impossible to do everything. Learning to say no and understanding that there will be intense periods are a part of maintaining a sustainable balance. ‘In the end, it makes you appreciate the moments where you can relax…for 30 minutes before your next exam’, he jokes. 


For those aspiring to win an Art Award, Joshua advises focusing on the process rather than the end result. ‘Keep going, keep learning, and keep trying your best. That’s all you can do,’ he advises. He emphasises the importance of maintaining optimism and positivity, especially through difficult times. A piece of advice that resonated with him was to ‘keep the wisdom of your journey, not the weight of it.’ 


Joshua’s experience at Excelsia College was transformative. He praises the supportive environment and the dedication of the staff to student success. The opportunities provided by the college, such as the Oz to LA program, allowed him to broaden his horizons and take his acting internationally. This experience, among others, contributed significantly to his growth as an artist. 


Looking ahead, Joshua is focused on building a production company with his twin brother, Ashley. This faith-based company aims to bring stories with spiritual significance to both big and small screens. One of their upcoming projects is based on ‘The Parable of the Lost Son’. Joshua hopes to continue impacting audiences through meaningful storytelling. 


With the right education and community, you too can achieve your artistic dreams. Start your journey today, find out more here!