Indiana Wesleyan University ushers in tenth president

Excelsia College attended the inauguration of the 10th President, Dr Jonathan Kulaga of Indiana Wesleyan University on Thursday 20 October.


Excelsia College has a long-term partnership with Indiana Wesleyan University and partnered together to create the Lumen Research Institute, a research collaboration that pursues questions of social concern through global collaborative and interdisciplinary research efforts (Indiana Wesleyan University, 2022).


President Kulaga has a career spanning over 34 years in higher education and is an advocate for Christian higher education. He most recently worked as President and Chief Executive Officer of Ohio Christian University for five years. He also has a diverse range of study experience including a PhD in Higher Educational Administration from Kansas State University, Master of Arts in College and University Administration from Michigan State University, and Bachelor of Arts in Religion and Contemporary Ministry from Spring Arbor University.


Peter McKeon explains, ‘It is a privilege to have been able to attend the inauguration of President Kulaga. We look forward to our strengthening our partnership with Indiana Wesleyan University through global Christian research in a variety of vocations’.


This is an exciting new chapter for Indiana Wesleyan University and Jonathan will use his leadership experience and commitment to God to further grow a Christ-centred university.



Indiana Wesleyan University. (2022). Dr. Jonathan Kulaga named Indiana Wesleyan University’s Tenth President.