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How a Christ-centred learning environment helped shape Anthony Barden into the teacher he is today

For Anthony Barden, Excelsia College was the clear choice when deciding where to complete his Master of Teaching (Primary). The 2016 graduate noticed that the College placed emphasis on a Christian framework in the course and he saw firsthand the faithfulness of his lecturers when he first met with them. ‘It was clear that they took their teaching roles as a God-given responsibilities and that they worked hard to integrate biblical truth into their subjects,’ explains Anthony.


The support of a learning environment, staff and peers can be instrumental in helping to motivate and inspire an individual in pursuing their chosen profession, something Anthony personally experienced. ‘Excelsia is a faithful, professional, and encouraging environment. I felt really connected to other like-minded individuals (both staff and my peers). It was good to make these connections as it helped to spur me on in my calling to be an educator. I found the feedback from Excelsia staff during my practicum placements very constructive and helpful for shaping my reflective thinking on my teaching practice. This set a great tone for further development even once I’d finished my studies at Excelsia.’


Studying at Excelsia helped Anthony become effective as a teacher in a variety of Christian contexts, opening up opportunities to work as a children’s minister, primary school chaplain, Christian primary school teacher and Quiz Worx ministry worker, sharing the Gospel with children across Australia. Anthony’s favourite Bible verse is Romans 8:28 which says, ‘And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.’ Anthony dwells on this verse as he undertakes a transition period. ‘God is always present and active, no matter the circumstances,’ he explains as he awaits the right opportunity to work in full time children’s ministry in whatever capacity God provides. ‘God has provided the opportunity for further studies in education at a higher level in a Master of Education, time for reflection on how to grow as a disciple and to seek to glorify Him in the use of my time.’


Excelsia’s graduation ceremony was a highlight for Anthony, helping him to feel a close connection to God and students. ‘There was a really special moment in our graduation where we were serenaded by some of the creative and performing arts students; I remember them coming in really close, surrounding us with music and the love of the Holy Spirit. I felt really blessed and cared for from these students whom I’d never met before – it was a clear work of God.’


If you want to be taught by inspiring staff and develop academically and spiritually, stretch your thinking, and grow as an individual, why not explore Excelsia College’s School of Education? With courses available including a Master of Teaching (Primary), Master of Teaching (Secondary) and Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Birth to 5), you never know where your teaching qualifications could take you. You could use it for ministry opportunities just like Anthony has!

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