Have you considered studying a business degree?

Have you considered studying a business degree?

In this competitive job climate where it can be hard to know how to set yourself apart from other candidates, a business degree is a valuable investment. Did you know Australian business graduates enjoy some of the highest employment rates in the country? Grad Australia (2020) revealed that over 69 per cent of graduates find employment within the first four months after graduating and 58 per cent attain full-time employment. According to an article by QS Top Universities (2021), ‘business touches on pretty much every aspect of modern human society, careers with a business degree are diverse and often highly paid.’


Within its School of Business, Excelsia College offers a Master of Business Administration that teaches students about leadership, social responsibility and how to be an ethical decision-maker within their organisation. Over two years, students will study about issues in commerce, governance, leadership, and management in the unit ‘Professional Ethics’, about an organisation’s internal and external environments in the unit ‘Business Strategy and Policy’, and the ethical and social implications of marketing campaigns in the unit ‘Marketing Management’. Students will also learn how to apply key managerial concepts and theories in the contemporary work environment.


For students interested in organisational leadership and research methodology, Excelsia offers a three-year PhD Organisational Leadership. The PhD builds on the Master of Business Administration and includes the units ‘Research Methodology and Data Collection’ and ‘Research Proposal and Literature Review’ before students undertake their thesis. Throughout their studies, students will undertake a critical investigation into organisational leadership. The thesis helps to prepare students for leadership-level engagement in their chosen field and in contributing highly developed research.


Excelsia business graduates can apply what they have learned throughout their studies to real-world contexts, backed by the theory to help them innovate in their workplace. From working as a management consultant overseeing teams, to a career advisor guiding people on suitable occupations, or as an entrepreneur running their own business, business students will be equipped with the knowledge to plan their next venture.


Now more than ever, innovative ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking is needed, as well as personable skills to react to real-world situations as they happen. Why not explore Excelsia College’s School of Business today?




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