Excelsia College News | Gordon Bobin’s journey through educational leadership

Gordon Bobin’s journey through educational leadership

Gordon Bobin, Chief Strategy Officer and Director of Quality at Excelsia College is responsible for quality and strategy across the College. Having worked previously in secondary education and educational administration for over a decade, Gordon is taking the next step in educational leadership as a Board Member of The McDonald College. ‘What attracted me to The McDonald College was their unique model for learning and teaching, where students have the opportunity to pursue a range of different pursuits and explore their various talents while still maintaining a high-level of focus on their academic development. The college takes a collaborative approach to achieve this, working with parents and students to understand how they learn best, and supporting them in the areas they feel most passionate about.’


Gordon originally had no specific intentions to work in the higher education sector. God changed Gordon’s heart after he felt inspired by the College’s vision of becoming Australia’s first multi-denominational Christian university. ‘It was about wanting to be part of that journey and something greater than myself that really inspired me. Since then, it’s probably been the best decision of my career,’ explains Gordon.


Through taking that first uncertain step, Gordon has learned to trust the path before him and develop the patience for God’s plans for him, even if they aren’t obvious straight away. God was also able to use Gordon’s understanding of education and relating to students in his role. ‘Developing and applying emotional intelligence is something you need to have when you’re dealing with adolescents and students that are going through difficult times.’


Gordon believes the best way to demonstrate his beliefs and values is by example and by being the best person he can be. ‘I like to show people my values through my actions rather than through my words. I hope people would find me to have good morals and ethics by my actions and the way I interact with others. It’s about trying to live that as best I can.’ It is this kindness which Gordon imparts to all that he engages with in his daily life, and he has learned to always try to speak and act with kindness. ‘I was brought up to always be respectful of others, and in my career, I have always done my best to demonstrate this with my team and colleagues.’


When people share a common set of values like staff and students at Excelsia College, including a desire to be Christ-like, innovative and creative, as well as lifelong learners, it is amazing what can be achieved. At Excelsia, Gordon has been blown away at the levels of what people are capable of. ‘Throughout my time at Excelsia, I’ve witnessed a number of achievements in the life of the College, including seeing the College expand from three to five schools, increase its number of courses, and grow significantly in student numbers. None of these things happen without God and without a great group of people all working as one team.’


Reflecting on Excelsia’s 40 years of Christian higher education, Gordon says, ‘The College has come a very long way in these past few years, but I think that even greater things are still to come. This year’s fortieth anniversary celebrations are a perfect opportunity for us to reflect on where we’ve come from and celebrate where we are, but also look to the future and move forward with great optimism.’


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