Applicants with TAFE or other VET studies

Applicants with TAFE or other VET Studies

Applicants with TAFE or other vocational education and training (VET) study are those whose highest level of study since leaving secondary education is a TAFE or VET course. This includes study at a public TAFE or other VET provider, whether a qualification was completed or not. Applicants with VET study may have other qualifications such as a Year 10 or Year 12 secondary school certificate. 


Assessment for entry to a course at Excelsia is based on, but not limited to, the following criteria 

·         HSC 

·         previous academic results  

Additional requirements

Some courses may have additional entry criteria such as an interview or an audition. Please check the specific course to find out whether there are additional requirements.

Before you start your degree, consider how much your course will cost. At Excelsia, tuition fees are charged by the undergraduate or postgraduate course units taken per study period.

Besides your course fees, there may be other costs associated with study, such as textbooks, equipment and other learning materials.

Visit the financial information page to find more information.

Excelsia College welcomes Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander applicants who may be able to successfully complete a given course, but who may not have had reasonable prior opportunity to develop experience and qualifications sufficient to satisfy the entry criteria for that course.

More information about Special Entry can be found in the Student Selection and Admissions Policy and Procedures.