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From Academia to Artistry: Amy’s Excelsia Journey

Amy Lawler had an excellent experience studying at Excelsia College, undergoing a Creative and Performing Arts degree. What appealed to Amy most was the flexibility offered by the degree, allowing her to tailor her academic path according to her evolving creative interests. Initially drawn to performance, Amy discovered a newfound passion for directing, writing, and stage management, broadening her horizons within the arts.

Transitioning from academia to the professional realm, Amy found support in Excelsia’s TP and Grad-Show initiatives, providing practical experience crucial for her integration into the creative and performing arts industry. The hands-on nature of practical classes further empowered her, fostering an environment where creativity thrived and practical skills flourished. ‘Being able to create my own work any way that I wanted was so encouraging, and I know that most people in my surrounding cohorts felt the same regarding their shows. Learning how to stage manage and produce have been the most valuable tools as it showed me how to be practical within the industry,’ Amy stated. Her adeptness in various facets of the industry, from technical to creative roles, underscored the effectiveness of her academic foundation as a springboard for her career.

Amy’s skillset was significantly enriched by Excelsia’s intimate learning environments provided through small group settings and personalised mentorship sessions. Recognising the significance of such interactions, Amy valued Excelsia’s close-knit learning communities, which facilitated individualised attention from lecturers and fostered meaningful connections with her classmates. Amy’s ability to diversify her skill set played a pivotal role in her professional advancement, empowering her to tackle the industry’s challenges with adaptability and versatility.

For Amy, true knowledge is gained through hands-on experience in professional settings. She urges others to leverage their education to build confidence and competence, emphasising Excelsia’s role in instilling her self-sufficiency and initiative. ‘I learned that if you want something, go and make it yourself! That’s where I’ve been most successful in all my endeavours, both while studying and in the industry now.’ This mindset has been instrumental in her academic and professional efforts, reinforcing her belief in seizing opportunities and forging one’s own path to success.

Having now worked across the entertainment industry as a director, stage manager, producer, and more, Amy is an accomplished theatre and film practitioner. Her most notable directorial credits include Vickie & Vinnie, Proof, Single Ladies, and the animated exhibition Hunter’s Mark along with the original production of Periergeia. As a stage manager, her highlights include Urinetown, Peer Gynt, Labyrinth, and the children’s musical Seasonal Warriors: Be Seedsational. Amy’s latest endeavour involved directing Periergeia, a heartfelt story showcased at Excelsia College just last month.

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From Academia to Artistry: Amy's Excelsia Journey | Excelsia College