Excelsia leads the way in skills development and teaching quality

Excelsia College has received excellent results in the 2021 QILT Student Experience Survey (SES), Australia’s only comprehensive survey of current higher education students, registering scores higher than the national average for undergraduate skills development and teaching quality.


Combined 2020 and 2021 QILT SES data shows that Excelsia College is leading the way in its creative and performing arts courses, rating first for skills development and third for teaching quality among New South Wales (NSW) creative arts undergraduate courses. Joy Chayna, Bachelor of Music alumnus, relished the hands-on experience she gained at Excelsia in front of house roles as well as behind-the-scenes work. ‘Because you’re known by everyone, you can get involved in more unique ways. We got to be stage manager one week or pack down equipment another week and I feel like these tasks encouraged a sense of ownership. You get to do every job at least once … I also got to meet lots of students and, through my assessments, people in the industry, which was super formative not only for being in the industry but also for life.’


Within Excelsia’s School of Education, teacher education students experience a combination of both theoretical and practical learning. This strategy to prepare our students for the classroom has resulted in Excelsia being rated by students as second for skills development among NSW teacher education undergraduate courses and second for teaching quality for NSW teacher education undergraduate courses.


Excelsia’s team of dedicated social work and counselling staff are passionate about providing practical training and industry placements and the latest social work and counselling theory within a supportive Christian environment. As a result, Excelsia is rated second for teaching quality and third for skills development among NSW social work and counselling postgraduate courses. For Master of Counselling alumnus Priyanka Reddy Allu, the course exceeded her expectations, and this was evident when she went for a job interview at a mental health unit. ‘I was able to confidently answer all the questions and that’s when I realised that Excelsia College prepared me so well … I feel complete after doing this course; I’m not lacking anything.’ Priyanka ended up succeeding in getting the job is enjoying fulfilling work, using her skills learnt at Excelsia. As part of their rigorous training, Master of Counselling students are required to undergo 200 hours of counselling and 100 hours of practicum. ‘The last unit students complete is about counselling and their personal experience with clients. I picked up a lot of tricks to compartmentalise and do a lot of self-care as well,’ said Priyanka.


Within Excelsia’s School of Business, 86.3 per cent of postgraduate business students were positive about their skills development, rating above the national average of 78.7 per cent. Similarly, 86.5 per cent of postgraduate business students rated teaching practice positively, rating above the national average of 78.9 per cent.


Excelsia College’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter McKeon, welcomed the results. ‘These figures are reflective of Excelsia’s desire to walk alongside each student on their unique and individual journey; as well as the College’s ongoing commitment to delivering an excellent education to our students.’


If you want to study in an environment that combines real-world skill development with a high-quality teaching experience, why not consider Excelsia College? https://excelsia.edu.au/study/



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