Excelsia College offers prestigious OZ to LA program exclusive to the Bachelor of Dramatic Art

Excelsia College’s OZ to LA program is exclusive to the Bachelor of Dramatic Art.

This program gives students the unique opportunity to spend three months in Hollywood training at prestigious Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory. Throughout the program, students will study five days a week at the Los Angeles renowned school in an intense and concentrated manner, testing student’s commitment, passion and suitability for life as an actor.

The OZ to LA allows students to take their training to the next level, with ten weeks extensive training, audition/casting sessions, exclusive meetings and industry conferences. The program allows Excelsia’s students to immerse themselves in the heart of entertainment and live and study in one of the most dynamic cities in the world.

Excelsia alumni and former Bachelor of Art student Joss Chalmers participated in OZ to LA. She says the experiencing the program complimented what was taught at Excelsia, with lecturers who were experienced professionals who were invested in helping participants and grow as artists and as people.

“Studying and training screen acting in Hollywood was a super inspiring experience as it can be daunting thinking about starting a career in the industry and the OZ to LA program put us right in the middle of it,” says Joss. “We also learnt about the audition process, SAG (the US union), and what a career in screen acting would look like. During our Auditioning for Film class, we had the opportunity to film scenes and watch them back for immediate feedback.”

The Bachelor of Dramatic Art is three years full time and offers three specialist strands: Performance, Production and Theatre Practice. This allows students to take classes unique to their chosen career path, whether as an actor, director, stage manager, prop-master or technician.

“I chose to study the Bachelor of Dramatic Art at Excelsia College because it was important to me to learn my craft with teachers and mentors who are active in the industry,” says Joss. “I also wanted to grow and be challenged as an artist in an environment where I would be supported with strong values and a strong sense of community.”


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