Excelsia Business Graduates Add Value to Workplaces

Excelsia Business Graduates Add Value to Workplaces

Excelsia College prides itself on providing students with a holistic, well-rounded education, and developing students who can engage critically within our ever-changing world. Our students are encouraged to not only stretch themselves intellectually but form their own opinions. Within our School of Business courses, students learn how to work collaboratively, make ethical decisions and effectively lead teams with integrity. Our courses focus on problem-solving and enable students to respond to real-world issues such as how to be an effective organisational leader in competitive and turbulent times. With this skill set, Excelsia business graduates can make a valuable contribution to a variety of organisations including corporations, government and non-government sectors.


Equipped with not only theoretical knowledge, but also skills in how to practise responsible and ethical leadership, Excelsia business graduates succeed in a variety of roles including business managers and leaders in start-up entrepreneurial businesses, leadership and management support roles in government, non-government organisations and corporations, policy analysis, market research, data analytics, technology transfer, and technical and professional writing.


Excelsia’s School of Business courses include:


Master of Business Administration – 2 years full time


Our MBA program focuses on leadership and social responsibility, and how to be an ethical and socially responsible decision-maker within your organisation. It also provides you with foundational, relevant curriculum that can be applied in real-world contexts, as well as knowledge on how to make a positive difference within your organisation. The course is designed for young managers and business leaders who are developing their understanding of business processes. You will study units such as Marketing Management, Business Economics and Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. This globally recognised course can take you anywhere.


PhD in Organisational Leadership – 3 years full time


Our Doctor of Philosophy (Organisational Leadership) combines study and research in organisational leadership and research methodology. You will critically investigate organisational leadership aspects and passionately explore topics that can be applied to your professional practice. You will prepare a thesis using appropriate methodology, undergoing ethics approvals and confirmation of candidature. In order to qualify, industry or professional experience in organisational leadership, management, business or a related field is preferred. In the case where it is unclear whether the prospective student is suitable to enter the course, they may attend an interview to determine eligibility for entry to the program.