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ESFSA 2021 and 2022 winners update!

Excelsia College is proud to offer the Bachelor of Screen Production in partnership with Sydney Film School. The course is now in its third year running and has gifted two students with the Excelsia Sydney Film School Award (ESFSA), a partial scholarship towards their studies. We checked in with 2021 and 2022 winners Luke O’Donnell and Harrison Brown who shared how they’re finding their studies so far.


Inaugural winner and 2021 ESFSA scholarship recipient Luke explains, ‘While my second year of the Bachelor of Screen Production has only just begun, we’re being steered in a very clear direction. Production class is focusing heavily on documentary production, while screenwriting class is helping us develop our writing and scripting skills. During this second year, our specialty workshop classes allow us to build on the skills we learned in our first year and follow the paths of specific roles of our liking and learn about them on a much deeper level. I’m really looking forward to the amount of films we’ll be shooting this year and being able to further our skills both personally and together as a class.’


Winner of ESFSA 2022, Harrison says, ‘I’ve been really enjoying the course; the lecturers are all very friendly and I’ve been learning a lot so far.’


We are excited to see how these two students develop their skill sets, learn from industry professionals and immerse themselves in all elements of filmmaking in-house, from writing, creating, acting, composing, and producing.


Early offer intake for Semester 1 2024 is now open. Visit https://excelsia.edu.au/study/early-offer/ to find out more!