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Enjoy the flexibility of teaching anywhere across Australia

It’s never been easier to work as an educator across Australia, with teachers in high demand across all subject areas, particularly high school mathematics and science. The Education and Training industry is projected to grow by 13.4 per cent by November 2026*.


If you’re looking for employment that is highly flexible and could take you from the back of Broome in Western Australia to the bustling metropolitan cities of Melbourne and Sydney, look no further than studying a Master of Teaching at Excelsia College.


For those looking to settle in Australia, teaching can help individuals to be eligible for various skilled migration visas, such as the General Skilled Migration Program 189, 190 and 489.


New South Wales also has comprehensive rural and remote incentive schemes in Australia, including the Rural Teacher Incentive which offers up to $40,000 on top of teachers’ base salaries subject to eligibility. There are also helpful transition programs for eligible teachers relocating to regional, rural and remote areas. The New South Wales Department of Education launched a Support for Rural Beginners Program in Term 1 2023, including orientation support where a new teacher may be paired with a colleague to help them settle into their new community. Program participants also receive a one-off support payment that they can use towards a social connection activity such as joining a local sports club. Working in regional, rural and remote locations can also help to maximise teachers’ opportunities to secure permanent employment opportunities.


Consider joining Excelsia College’s School of Education at our Master of Teaching Webinar on Wednesday 23 November. You never know the possibilities a career in teaching could provide. 




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