Declan Montgomery on his Pinch Me film nomination

Declan Montgomery is a Bachelor of Dramatic Art alumnus from Excelsia College and has been nominated for best actor for his role in Pinch Me, which has also been nominated for best Australian film 2022 at AFIN International Film Festival run in Brisbane. Produced by Wavelength Films, Pinch Me explores the disorientating line between dreams and reality, where four tight-knit students bask in their collective friendship on the eve of one leaving for new lands. For budding actor Declan Montgomery, being nominated is a surreal experience and took him completely by surprise!


‘I’m still actually processing it. It feels great to have something I worked on not only being watched by people but to have them enjoy it so much that they think it’s worth nominating not only me but the whole cast, it’s something special. The industry comes in waves and having my work being consumed and enjoyed by people is encouraging and reminds me why I chose this career path in the first place,’ explains Declan.


Declan cites being a part of Pinch me as one of his favourite chapters at Excelsia. ‘To experience what it’s like on a professional film set, working with industry professionals alongside the close friends I made at college, it’s an experience that’s unmatched. Shooting scenes in different locations, redubbing lines in ADR (automated dialogue replacement) was a perfect sample of a professional production and I’m eternally grateful for everyone that worked on it, especially the director Michael McLennan, who’s also a lecturer for the Bachelor of Dramatic Art course at Excelsia.’


As a Bachelor of Dramatic Art graduate, Declan now aspires to work primarily as an actor and to positively impact the lives of others. ‘I’m working on a couple of scripts for TV shows myself and some friends are preparing to pitch to different networks next year. The reason I act other than just loving it is to entertain others. To know I’ve brought a smile to someone’s face or had an impact on them with my art is all I can ask for with any of my performances and I truly hope Pinch Me is just the start of that.’


We can’t wait to see the impact Declan makes on our screens and stage. If you want to explore a career within the creative and performing arts sector, why not consider Excelsia College’s Bachelor of Dramatic Art? The three-year course will help you develop your confidence and skills as you network with industry professionals and have potential exposure to amazing opportunities like Declan has! In the 2021 QILT student experience survey results, Excelsia rated number one for skills development in creative arts undergraduate courses across New South Wales. The Bachelor of Dramatic Art will help you develop the foundations you need to succeed in a cut-throat industry.