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Student Support Centre

Here for your success and contentedness.

The Student Support Centre seeks to be an oasis of support that provides students with services for their academic and personal flourishing. Working with schools, the centre aims to enhance the student experience through a range of services from a team dedicated to their success. All services are free of charge.

In the busyness and stress of life and study, the centre also aims to be a source of comfort and care. The SSC provides relevant and best practice workshops, skills development and advice. Students will find our staff approachable and relational in all activities, meetings and conversations.

Open Monday - Friday
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Student Support Centre

Through these core programs and other wellbeing activities the Student Support Centre contributes to the quality of student learning experience and their academic success. It seeks to decrease the College dropout rate and increase the diversity of students’ experience. Without effective student support, students that do not have an academic, emotional and social connection with the institution at cultural level are more likely to give up their studies.

Most services are available in person or online via video chat.

Academic Skills Consultation

Students that encounter academic difficulties may request the support of an Academic Advisor. A consultation session can be booked via ExO where availabilities of advisors are posted. A typical session involves understanding the issues presented and upskilling the student in their writing, essay formatting, referencing and other academic abilities required.

Sessions requested can be either in person or via online video chat for those travelling far or interstate.

Students on academic probation or identified as at risk of failure are referred to the Student Support Centre as per their intervention strategy developed by the Head of School. Before students are assigned to a plan it is essential the SSC understands the needs of the student. A 60-minute initial consultation with the Academic Skills Advisors will be conducted to ensure their level is matched with a particular service.

The student may be asked to participate in:
• Small Group Coaching
• Upcoming Workshops

Small Group Coaching
After an Initial Consultation, students will be referred to a small group which involves more specific course coaching. The small group size allows for maximum participation for students and peer learning engagement. Groups will be formed around courses and the upcoming assessments students must complete. Other materials that may be addressed include:

• An overview of academic skills
• Essay writing skills
• Presentation skills

Small Groups aim to meet weekly over a minimum of 6 weeks. The Academic Advisor will consider each group's progress and readiness to progress after this duration.

Academic Skills Workshops
Various workshops conducted throughout the semesters and aligned with the rhythms of college academic needs. These workshops are aimed for groups of 20-30 students and participant numbers are increased as per needs basis. Students are encouraged to participate to increase their academic development. "At Risk" students may be referred to participate after an Academic Skills Consultation alongside their Small Group.
Key academic workshops throughout the year address:

• Referencing
• Plagiarism
• Argument building and critical thinking
• Foundational essay writing skills
• Study management (and general time management)

The Student Support Centre offers the development of language proficiency and assists students in meeting the College’s English language requirements. Overseas students who have achieved the required IELTS scoring may require further language support in addition to their academic requirements. The SSC desires to journey with students and provide support to ensure their language skills keep up with academic demands.

English Language Skills Consultation
Students requiring the development of their English language skills will be referred to the Student Support Centre by schools/programs as per their intervention strategy. The outcome of the consultation will determine which program and small coaching group the student enters.

Small ESL Group Coaching
Similarly to Academic Skills, after a consultation, students will be referred to a small group which involves more specific course coaching focused at ESL students. Groups are formed around the level of speaking and writing skills and the course the student is enrolled in. During the group they will address:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Overview of English language academic skills
  • Essay writing skills
  • Presentation skills

Small Groups aim to meet weekly over a minimum of 6 weeks. The English Language Skills Advisor will consider each group's progress and readiness to progress after this duration.

Counselling Session
The SSC is committed to supporting the social, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing of the College’s students. From time to time some students may experience difficulties in life that require professional guidance and support in navigating study, work, relationships and other mental health matters. Students may wish to make a self-referral to see a counsellor or they may be referred to the counsellor by schools/programs should it be required.

The service is confidential and includes Individual Counselling, Career Counselling and Group Work. Our counsellors are committed to helping students accomplish their educational and life goals by helping identify strengths and offering support where needed. We offer a safe, supportive and private atmosphere in which to discuss any concerns, and these services are available to all Excelsia College students at no cost.

Appointments can be sought through the request form on the Student Support section of ExO (Learning Management System) or at the centre. Information about appointments remains confidential. The college offers six free one-hour sessions per year (with special exemptions allowing up to ten sessions).

Mental Health Workshops
Key mental health workshops run to provide students with skills to help navigate and support mental health matters for their personal wellbeing and those around them. The Student Support Centre runs workshops/seminars on:

  • Stress management
  • Performance anxiety
  • Understanding emotions
  • Caring for those with depression
  • Conflict resolution

The Chaplain seeks to provide spiritual guidance that leads to spiritual growth - to see people finding and living their best humanity in Christ. The Chaplain is available to meet with staff and students; to listen, to love, to provide care, guidance, support and advocacy. The Chaplain concerns themselves with the holistic wellbeing of all staff and students, acting both reactively and proactively to ensure each one feels their worth as an image bearer. The Chaplain will also initiate and oversee programs and activities that lead individuals to become more like Christ, as well as seeking to continually shape our college to further reflect the heart of God. The provision of pastoral care will result in the development of a supportive environment conducive to study as well as personal and spiritual growth.

The Gathering
Every Wednesday staff and students gather together for a chapel service called The Gathering. All students are welcome to participate and help serve the service in a variety of ways. The purpose of this time is to reflect, encourage and centre our lives around God as the people of God.

Meeting/Drop in with the Chaplain
Our college Chaplain, Mike Peereboom, is accessible on campus from Tuesday to Thursday. This service is available to students that may wish to seek pastoral care or guidance by visiting the SSC or through the request form on the Student Support section of ExO or at the centre.

Mike is available for contact on 02 9819 8873 or at

Discipleship Programs
Students can enlist the Chaplain’s services to facilitate a small group discipleship program. Multiple program offerings have been developed to help students on their journey to Jesus, and their journey with Jesus into spiritual maturity.

The Disability Advisor is accessible in the Student Support Centre should students living with a disability require assistance. The Advisor journeys with the student during their studies to increase their skills, independence, personal growth and development through the provision of active support and their enhanced participation as a valued member of the Excelsia community. The Disability Advisor advocates for domestic students requiring disability services including access to government agencies. Overseas students are encouraged to contact the college prior to study. The Disability Advisor will then assess the requirements and communicate the support offered. Please note the SSC is not required to make adjustments based on disability needs where there is evidence that doing so would impose unjustifiable difficulty on the college.

Excelsia College desires all students to succeed beyond their studies and find fulfilling employment and career. The Career Service at the Student Support Centre supports Excelsia’s mission, to benefit the world by preparing graduates to lead in a range of professions, by helping establish career pathways and goals.

Career Advice Consultation
Students may request a consultation with the Career Advisor to receive individualised support and information on the next steps in their desired career. The consultation develops career goals, identifies potential obstacles and provides insights into chosen industries.

Career Workshops
Career workshops provide students with skills and insight in assisting them with their job search skills, planning careers, interview techniques and how to optimise engagement with modern platforms (e.g. LinkedIn). Students in their final year of study are encouraged to participate in these workshops.

The Indigenous Support Advisor is accessible in the Student Support Centre and functions to increase the success and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students studying at Excelsia College. The Advisor provides support for Indigenous community members through regular contact, and liaison between staff and the Excelsia community. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students receive advocacy, assistance and guidance in conjunction with necessary external indigenous services and activities within the college.

Support Available

Academic advice and advocacy
Advocacy is an important provision whereby Student Support - Indigenous Advisor can negotiate on the students behalf in a range of areas such as: assignment extensions; 'show cause'; special consideration, academic progress and supplementary assessment.

Indigenous Academic and Equity Program (IAEP)
One to one tuition
Under the IAEP an Indigenous Australian student may access up to 2 hours per week (during the teaching period) to a maximum of 8 hours as approved through their application.

Group tuition
Tuition to a group of Indigenous Australian students may also be provided where more than one student is enrolled in a particular subject and have expressed a preference for group tuition.

Exam preparation
Up to 10 hours total additional hours for full-time students and 5 hours for part-time students may be accessed during the college examination period.