Student Support

We honour and value our students by providing a
support network to make sure that you will excel in everything


Excelsia College provides academic support in a variety of forms throughout the year, including study preparation sessions, bridging courses and advice. Extra assistance can be obtained by contacting the Student Administration office.


Here are some resources to help you understand the importance of academic integrity, and ways to avoid academic dishonesty.


The campus library contains over 45,000 books, numerous print and electronic journal titles and a large collection of CDs, videos and DVDs. Facilities include computer stations, laptop and printing facilities, quiet study areas, audiovisual equipment, and online databases including ATLA, Religion and Philosophy Collection, ProQuest Psychology Journals and Grove Music Online. The library staff is always available to answer your questions and help you make the most of the library.

Excelsia College is committed to maintaining a work and study environment which is free from discrimination and harassment for members of the College community. Staff and students are expected to respect the rights of others. The College is committed under the principles and requirements of the state and federal anti-discrimination laws to ensuring that any and all matters relating to harassment are dealt with speedily, sensitively, equitably, confidentially and according to proper processes. Please see the No Harassment and Discrimination Policy.

Student Administration

The Student Administration Office is open to students from 11am-2pm every day to take care of the administrative side of studying, such as enrolment forms and advice, fee queries, recognition of prior learning, graduation eligibility and change of contact details.


The Student Administration Office has appointed a Student Advocate to offer independent information, advocacy and referral across a range of academic and administrative issues to all students at the College. All students are welcome to use this free and confidential service and individual support is available by appointment. Please contact if you would like to make an appointment.

Financial Assistance

At Excelsia College, all undergraduate degrees and Graduate Diplomas are approved for FEE-HELP, as well as Centrelink’s Youth Allowance, Austudy and Abstudy.

Counselling Services

Student Counselling Centre services are confidential and include Individual Counselling, Career Counselling and Group Work. Our counsellors are committed to helping students accomplish their educational and life goals by helping identify strengths and offering support where needed. We offer a safe, supportive and private atmosphere in which to discuss any concerns, and these services are available to all Excelsia College students at no cost.

Student Counselling Centre

The Excelsia College School of Counselling understands the unique challenges and circumstances facing individuals, particularly the added stress and pressure involved with demands such as higher education and the creative arts. Members of the Counselling staff are readily available to meet with currently enrolled Excelsia College students through the Student Counselling Centre. Services offered by the Student Counselling Centre are free for Excelsia College students, and include Individual Counselling, Career Counselling and Group Work.

Staff members are available Tuesday through Friday, from 9:00am5:00pm.

Centre for Calling and Career

The Counselling staff at Excelsia College are particularly keen to help aspiring young artists and students from every discipline sort out issues related to identity, calling and career. Specifically, we offer group-format workshops once each semester aimed at helping students:

Reflect on their imaginative journey thus far
Envision next steps
Set goals and make decisions
Overcome obstacles

After the group experience, students have the option of going deeper with a trained counsellor who can help them explore:

Personality style
Interests and their mapping to careers
More individualised concerns and questions
Careers Services

The on-campus Centre for Calling and Career offers individualised support and information to students planning the next step, and every faculty offers support in the shape of personalised advice, masterclasses, conferences and workshops.

Disability Support

Students should notify their Head of School at the time of enrolment to determine the appropriateness of the course and the profession which it serves.

Having determined the appropriateness of the course the Academic Director and the Head of School work with students who have a permanent or temporary disability and/or health condition to assist their course engagement.

The Chaplain is available to facilitate the growth of our community whose members express their love for God and for each other, and seek to grow in personal holiness. The main function of the Chaplain is to develop a supportive environment conducive to study and personal and spiritual growth and development, both inside and outside the classroom.
Staff and students meet together weekly for The Gathering, a variety event that often includes worship, guest speakers, student contributions and announcements. We assume that all students are present at The Gathering or have access to the information that is given out there. The Library, the Student Centre and Administration are closed during this hour.

Purpose and Scope
Excelsia College is committed to the pursuit of excellence in learning, teaching and research, and to community engagement. This Code sets out Excelsia College’s expectations of students with respect to their academic and personal conduct, and outlines the College’s responsibilities to students.

This Code relates to student behaviours and sets expectations that the College has for its students in the following key areas:

Academic integrity
Equity, respect and fairness
The use and care of College resources and reputation.


  1. The College
    Excelsia College’s vision is to transform lives through excellence in Christian higher education, and our mission is to benefit our community as we equip people for Christian life and leadership in a range of influential vocations.

Excelsia College seeks to realise its vision and fulfil its mission by enhancing and developing the creative, academic, professional and spiritual potential of our students and staff across all our disciplines, programs and processes. This overarching orientation is informed and underpinned by our five core values:

Innovation and Creativity
Service to the community
Lifelong Learning

Excelsia College aspires to embed these five core values, in word and deed, in all aspects of institutional life and culture.

  1. Students and Staff
    All students and staff of the College are expected to:

conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the College’s vision, mission and values;
maintain our commitment to excellence (including moral and spiritual excellence) in all areas of College life and practice;
accept their shared responsibility for maintaining a harmonious, productive and respectful learning environment; and
seek to enhance and extend the College’s reputation as a quality provider of Christian higher education.


Student means all students of Excelsia College, including but not limited to, fee paying students, FEE-HELP students, audit students, students in the Study Abroad program, on-campus face-to-face students, Distance education (online only) students and/or scholarship students.
Staff means all employees of Excelsia College (including full-time, part-time, casual and/or sessional staff).
The Code
Students have an obligation to inform themselves of the Excelsia College rules and policies affecting them.

Students must ensure their contact details in their Student Portal (Paradigm) are up to date and that they regularly read all emails sent to their email address provided by Excelsia College (WIMA). Students must only enrol into approved units of study within their course even if their portal might allow them to enrol into others when enrolling online.

Students must identify themselves truthfully when required to do so by a College staff member and produce their student card on request to a staff member fulfilling the requirements of their duties.

  1. Academic Integrity
    Students are expected to:

Conduct themselves honestly and in compliance with College policy.
Not engage in plagiarism or other academic misconduct.
Conduct themselves in a manner conducive to the proper functioning of the College, which is dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence.
Actively participate in the learning process.
Attend scheduled course teaching activities and submit assessment tasks on time, unless unforeseen or exceptional circumstances arise.
Behave ethically, avoiding any action or behaviour that would unfairly disadvantage or advantage either themselves or another student.
Comply with the conventions of academic scholarship and ensure the proper use of copyright material.
Ensure their academic activities are conducted safely and do not place others at risk of harm, including abiding by all ethics requirements in relation to research.
Be familiar with the programs and resources available to assist them in conducting their studies and research appropriately, including resources to help students avoid plagiarism and to comply with the ethics requirements of research.
Not behave in any way which impairs the reasonable freedom of other persons to pursue their studies, work or research or to participate in the life of the College.

  1. Equity, Respect and Fairness
    Students are expected to:

Treat all College staff, other students, and visitors to the College with courtesy, tolerance and respect. This extends to teaching staff in venues off-campus and online, and supervisors and others involved in workplace placements, fieldwork or other practicums.
Respect the rights of others to be treated equitably, free from all forms of unlawful discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment.
Respect the rights of others to express political and religious views and not engage in behaviour that is obscene, dangerous or could reasonably be considered to be offensive to others.
Not engage in behaviour that is unlawful, discriminatory, harassing, or bullying.
Not engage in behaviour that could be perceived to be threatening or intimidating or causes any person to fear for their personal safety or well-being.
Not behave in a way that disrupts or interferes with any teaching or academic activity of the College or any political, cultural, social or sporting gathering conducted by the College or authorised to be held on a Excelsia College campus.
Avoid any activity or behaviour that would unfairly advantage or disadvantage another student or staff member in any way.

  1. The Use and Care of College Resources and Reputation
    Students are expected to:

Use and care for all College resources, such as buildings, equipment and grounds, library, information and communication technology resources, in a lawful and ethical manner, mindful of the need for resources to be shared by all members of the College community.
Conduct themselves in an appropriate manner while on any College-facilitated placement or overseas study abroad program or unit, complying with any relevant academic standards and protocols.
Ensure their actions or inactions as a student do not harm, or bring into disrepute, the College’s reputation or good standing.
Not engage in behaviour that is detrimental to College property, including the Library collection.
Not participate in any learning activity, such as tutorials, recitals or placements, while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
Not use, possess or supply any prohibited drug, substance or weapon on campus.
Not misuse library, computing or communications facilities in a manner which is unlawful or which will be detrimental to the rights and properties of others.
Not use the College’s name, reputation or logo for private gain or the gain of a third party, or private business or commercial purposes, without prior permission.
Not use College resources for private gain or the gain of a third party, or private business or commercial purposes, without prior permission.
Not engage in any fraudulent or corrupt conduct that would potentially bring the College into disrepute.

Sanctions and Discipline
Behaviour contrary to the student code of conduct may result in College sanctions and disciplinary action being applied to a student including (but not limited to) suspension, expulsion or other exclusions, and withholding results. Students should appreciate that serious offences such as assault, theft, willful damage and other unlawful activities are highly likely to attract a suspension or even expulsion.

For a serious offence, suspension of study may be applied immediately, obviously impacting on the student’s ability to continue or complete their studies. For minor breaches of the code of conduct students will receive a warning asking them to rectify their behaviour. This warning may take the form of a verbal reminder of the expected behaviour or an official written warning. Sanctions may be applied, including suspension, for consistent minor breaches of the code of conduct.

Students should be aware that where a student’s conduct breaks the law, the matter will be reported to the police, in addition to any action taken by the College for same offence.