Student Feedback

Student Feedback Survey Report

Evaluation of Teaching and Learning at Excelsia College

Excelsia College is committed to the highest standards of educational and other provision for its students, and encourages students to provide the Institute with thoughtful and constructive feedback. Formal evaluations, together with informal comments and consultations, are used to make improvements to our course and other provisions, and to provide encouragement to staff where appropriate.

Our learning from student feedback is directed at providing:
(a) a safe, professional and friendly learning environment;
(b) high quality teaching, assessment and management of learning;
(c) regular and reliable feedback on student progress and achievements;
(d) mechanisms for students to pursue grievances and learning related issues as required.

Executive Summary

Overall, responses from both the quantitative and qualitative data indicated moderate to high levels of satisfaction with the quality of teaching, instruction, learning and student engagement; with students being less (but nevertheless still) positive about workloads, assessments, outcomes and available or assigned resources.

Many responses indicated that students felt their lecturers were/are knowledgeable, skilled, enthusiastic, committed, and prepared. Comments were also typically made concerning lecturers’ willingness and ability to employ effective teaching methods and incorporate various learning materials, resources and technologies into teaching in ways that enhance student learning. Students also reported that lecturers provide prompt and comprehensive feedback on their academic work, treat students in a collegial manner, and are available when students require assistance.

Some students commented that their workloads were more challenging than they had expected or felt was warranted, and that expected and anticipated outcomes of units and assessments were not always clear. On the whole, however, students felt they were academically prepared for, and supported in their studies, often expressing considerable confidence in the quality of ongoing student support.

As a result of student feedback, the College continues to review, develop and implement policies and practices in key areas, such as
(a) curriculum governance, supervision and monitoring;
(b) the creation of an academic culture in which all students and staff are expected to deploy higher-order thinking skills;
(c) reinforcing clear expectations concerning unit content, assessments and outcomes;
(d) refining and extending data analysis in order to inform and complement effective and meaningful learning and teaching practices; and
(e) developing strategies that enable senior academic leaders to observe teaching and thus to provide targeted feedback focused on improving teaching and enhancing lecturers’ professional knowledge.

Survey Method

Survey Questions

Below are the questions as presented to students, to which students responded on a four point scale ranging from “strongly disagree” to “strongly agree”.

1. I learned a lot from taking this course component.
2. The goals of the course component were clear.
3. The goals were achieved to a significant extent.
4. Topics and assignments were relevant to my professional development.
5. The course component was stimulating.
6. It also contributed to my spiritual growth.
7. Class participation was a meaningful part of the course component.
8. The workload of this course component is realistic.
9. I put my best effort into the course.


10. The instructor showed enthusiasm for the course component.
11. The instructor displayed familiarity with the course material.
12. The instructor was well-prepared for each session.
13. The instructor made good use of examples and illustrations.
14. I was encouraged to think for myself.
15. The instructor was interested in the students and their progress.
16. The instructor was available for individual discussion.
17. The amount of material covered was appropriate.

18. The feedback given in written and practical work was helpful.
19. The topics and assignments were at an appropriate level of difficulty.
20. I feel that my assessments to date reflect the level of my effort.