Make your first days at Excelsia

an experience to remember.

Orientation Week at Excelsia

Student orientation is a week-long program covering a wide range of student information and services that are aimed at improving your learning journey with the college.

The information provided on the day covers the following:

  1. Student Experience at Excelsia
  2. Our Values
  3. Our Graduate Attributes
  4. Our Team – Management and Academic Staff
  5. Student Support
  6. Academic Skills programs
  7. Administrative matters
  8. Student rights and responsibilities
  9. Course requirements
  10. Student recreational spaces
  11. Local amenities and public transport
  12. Social activities

More information about the orientation schedule will be sent to you after enrolment in the weeks prior to the start of semester, but please keep the week free as you may be required to attend on all days of the week, depending on the course you are enrolled in. Specific dates for each course can be found below.

Important: Orientation is a compulsory event that all students must attend. If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact assistant.registrar@excelsia.edu.au to discuss. However, please be mindful that it is possible for your enrolment to be canceled or deferred if you are not able to attend this program.

Below you will find the relevant orientation dates for your course.

There will be a series of workshops run during orientation week that you can register for. More details will be sent to you closer to the date.

All inquiries about orientation should be directed to assistant.registrar@excelsia.edu.au.

Orientation by Course

Semester 1, 2022: Thursday 24 February

Course: Bachelor of Dramatic Art (including Associate Degree)

Semester 1, 2022: Thursday 24 February


Course: Bachelor of Music (including Associate Degree) and Master of Music

Semester 1, 2022: Thursday 24 February


Course: Bachelor of Screen Production

Semester 1, 2022

1st Day Orientation: Thursday 24 February, Macquarie Campus

2nd Day Orientation: Friday 25 February, Waterloo Studio

Course: Master of Counselling (including Grad. Certificate and Grad. Diploma)

Semester 1, 2022: Tuesday 22 February

Course: Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (including Diploma)

Semester 1, 2022: Tuesday 22 February

Semester 1, 2022: Thursday 24 February

Excelsia College Campus Map

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