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Census Date

Census date is the last date on which a student can withdraw from a unit without incurring an academic or financial penalty. If you withdraw from one or more units after the Census date you will receive an “WN” (Withdrawn Fail) grade for each enrolled unit.  You will also be liable for the full fees for the enrolled units, whether you pay them directly to Wesley Institute or defer payment through FEE-HELP.  You cannot withdraw after the census date without incurring a fees debt.

However, if after the census date you become seriously ill, or other unforeseen circumstances over which you have no control result in you being unable to continue your studies, you can apply to the Academic Board for special consideration which, if granted, would result in a “W” (Withdrawn) grade for each enrolled unit.  An appeal must be made in writing on an Academic Grievance form to the Registrar, with supporting evidence of the grounds for the appeal.  Academic appeals must normally be made within 20 working days of the publication of results.  The Academic Grievance Procedure is published in the Student Handbook and on the website here.

In such special circumstances you can also apply to the Grievance Committee for a refund of prepaid fees or a reversal of your FEE-HELP debt for the relevant units.  Application must be made in writing within 12 months of the last day of study for the units concerned, giving all relevant details and evidence of the grounds for appeal and attaching all relevant documents.

Special circumstances that qualify for the reversal of a failing grade or the refund of fees or reversal of a FEE-HELP debt have been determined in accordance with the Higher Education Support Act 2003 as circumstances which:

  • were beyond your control, and
  • did not make their full impact until on or after the Census date, and
  • were such that they made it impractical for you to complete your study requirements.