Masterclasses for Music and Drama

At Excelsia College we are committed to helping students become the best they can be! The Masterclasses’ are a valuable learning opportunity for those about to embark on the performing arts examination process and for talented students looking to be involved in a challenging and stimulating drama and music program.


We are offering you detailed and rigorous preparation in performance and composition through this Masterclass. Due to current restrictions on HSC performances as a result of COVID-19, the performance videos will help build your skills in solo performance with and without the use of music technology. The workshops offer an excellent opportunity for any Year 11 and 12 Music students, to ‘fine tune’ their skills and improve their results in HSC Music.


Featuring highly acclaimed actor and performer, Jay Laga’aia, this Masterclass will provide an opportunity for drama students to enhance their acting skills. Known for his role as Captain Typho in the Star Wars films, Home and Away, Water Rats and recently Jay’s Jungle, you’ll learn from Jay’s wealth of experience and skills.

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