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Social work is an academic practice-based profession that promotes social justice, inclusion and wellbeing. The Master of Social Work (Qualifying) aims to produce graduates who are professionally competent, aware of social-political realities of the human services and committed to social change through supporting and promoting the strengths of disadvantaged and vulnerable populations. The focus is on face-to-face small classes and intensive interaction with fellow students and experienced social work academics. As social work engages with a changing world where social media, online material and interactivity student learning will also include blended learning technologies.

The learning will be delivered through: workshops; case studies; in-class exercises; experiential learning strategies; flipped classrooms; social work laboratory; written reports; oral presentations; blogs; essays; and research reports. Finally, students will explore social work practice through field education practicums.

The Master of Social Work will equip you with the knowledge, values and skills you will need to practise as an ethical social worker, equipped for the challenges of contemporary social work practice in Australia and beyond.

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