Considering a career in counselling?

Considering a career in counselling?

Excelsia College’s Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Master of Counselling will equip graduates with the knowledge necessary to make a positive change in the lives of others in a variety of contexts, from allied health, education, ministry, and/or community support and welfare. Counselling is even more pertinent as we navigate post pandemic times, and students will develop not only counselling skills but also mental health knowledge to professionally support those in need. Both programs are formally accredited by the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and the master program is also accredited by the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA).


Both the diploma and master courses utilise a Christian framework, understanding the spiritual, personal, cultural, relational, psychological, and social domains of human experience and functioning. Students also have the option to progress from the Graduate Diploma of Counselling to the Master of Counselling. Within the master course, students have the opportunity to practise their skills inside and outside the classroom with other students. In addition, students in these courses undertake personal counselling as part of their study to increase their self-awareness and readiness to become counsellors themselves.


The Graduate Diploma of Counselling involves just one year of full-time study (or two years part-time). While the normal entry requirement includes completion of a related bachelor degree (e.g. in social work or psychology), experience in relevant paid or volunteer work such as youth work or church ministry can count towards admission. Students who gain entry into the Graduate Diploma can apply to upgrade to the Master of Counselling after successful completion of that course. Master’s graduates will be able to gain membership with relevant counselling associations, such as the Christian Counsellors Association Australia (CCAA), ACA or PACFA. Graduates can apply to work as counsellors in faith-based or secular organisations or may start their own business in private practice.


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Admissions for our July 2022 intake are now open!