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The branding and style guide aims to provide staff and other key external stakeholders with clear guidelines to present a consistent, unified and professional Excelsia brand image to the world.

The below list of new templates and resources have been developed to enhance the brand and increase design flexibility, whilst retaining the brand equity of elements such as the College logo and primary gold and blue brand colours.

Thorough guidelines to help to present a consistent, unified, and professional Excelsia brand image.

Excelsia Branding Style Guide

Full list of Excelsia logos for different uses for the international market.

Excelsia Logo Resources

Instructions on how to install the font on your computer can be found here for Mac and for PC.

Fonts Resources Excelsia


Please ensure you update your email signature with the latest version.

Email Signature Template and Instructions

Including PowerPoint and Word documents.

Document Templates

A new photography and video section has been created to ensure the consistent output of all photography and video content to ensure the Excelsia College brand is conveyed correctly.

Photography and Video are an essential part of the College’s marketing communications and is increasingly becoming the main media used to strengthen our reputation and increase brand awareness.

Please follow these guidelines to help strengthen our brand so we can communicate our message clearly and effectively. These resources are available to download from Sharepoint and in the Templates section of the website.

Video Elements


Excelsia College expects all members of its community to treat one another with respect and dignity to ensure the campus is a safe space for all. Any form of sexual assault and sexual harassment will not be tolerated, and the College will ensure the provision of immediate and effective support to any member of the College community who discloses any incident of sexual assault or sexual harassment.

Sexual Assault occurs when a person is forced, coerced or tricked into sexual acts against their will or without their consent.

Sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual behaviour that causes a person to feel offended, humiliated or intimidated. Sexual Harassment may include:


  • Staring or leering;
  • Unnecessary familiarity, such as deliberately brushing up against a person or
  • unwelcome touching
  • Suggestive comments or jokes;
  • Insults or taunts of a sexual nature;
  • Intrusive questions or statements about someone’s private life;
  • Displaying posters, magazines or screen savers of a sexual nature;
  • Sending sexually explicit emails or text messages;
  • Inappropriate advances on social networking sites;
  • Requests for sex or repeated unwanted requests to go out on dates; and
  • Behaviour that may also be considered to be an offense under criminal law, such as physical assault, indecent exposure, sexual assault, stalking or obscene communications.

Consent occurs when a person freely and voluntarily agrees to engage in a sexual act.


Consent cannot be given by people who are:


  • incapacitated due to intoxication or the influence of drugs;
  • incapacitated due to their age or intellectual capacity;
  • unconscious or asleep;
  • under threat of or actual force;
  • intimidated, coerced or threatened;
  • unlawfully detained or held against their will; or tricked or manipulated due to the person being in a position of trust into providing consent.

Video for consent

Excelsia College has Support Officers that are specially trained to support anyone from the Excelsia Community that has experienced Sexual Assault and/or Sexual Harassment.

They are the first point of contact for this type of cases.

They will respond with the utmost respect and compassion and will provide the next steps moving forward including information about internal (counselling and/or chaplaincy) and external (Police and/or health services) assistance options and formal reporting mechanisms under the University’s misconduct and/or disciplinary processes.



As respectful members of the Excelsia Community it goes a long way if we intervene to offer help to someone exposed to assault, harassment or any other type of harmful behaviours if it is safe to do so. Here’s how to become an active bystander.


Analyse the situation – If you notice harmful behaviour occurring, be aware of what and who is around you.


Understand there is a problem – Reflect on the actions you have seen and If you feel that the action was wrong, then you are probably right. Trust your gut and do something about it rather than ignoring the discomfort.


Take responsibility – We must try to help others who are being harmed. Unfortunately, many people are thinking that someone else will act and they diffuse responsibility. It’s important that you assume responsibility to act. We can all do something to help.


How will you help? – Decide what action you will take to intervene. Always remember to approach the situation safely and calmly. There are three broad types of bystander intervention:

Delegate – Contact someone more qualified involved. This could mean security or the police.


Distract – Finding a way to stop behaviour, without directly addressing it. Try to cause a distraction that will diffuse the situation. Examples of this could be asking the person being threatened to borrow their phone or spilling a drink.


Direct – Directly confronting the harmful behaviour with the person. It can involve calling out the person about the wrongful behaviour and telling them to stop. It is the most immediate way to intervene the situation.


Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response Framework

If you have experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment and would like to report the incident, please click the ‘Report Sexual Assault’ button which will direct you to an online form to fill out. 

You can use this form if:

  • You have experienced a sexual assault/sexual harassment incident;
  • You have witnessed a member of the Excelsia College community being sexually harassed or sexually assaulted; or
  • A member of the Excelsia College community has shared their experience with sexual assault/ sexual harassment and has not conducted any further action.

You can complete this form anonymously or with contact details.

  • A report is anonymous when it does not include the name or contact details of the person who submitted the report. Having the report be anonymous may limit the amount of action Excelsia College can take after receiving the report.
  • Reports with contact details include the name and contact information of the person who submitted the report. If you are reporting on behalf of someone else, do not include the name and contact details of the person who experienced the inappropriate behaviour unless you have their permission to give their name.

For Staff: As a staff member, you can use this form to report the behaviour of members of the College or the public whose behaviour has affected staff or students. However, you cannot use this form to report other staff for behaviours other than SASH. If you want to report the problem behaviour of another staff member, you can discuss how to lodge a complaint with your supervisor or by following the Staff Grievance Procedure. Staff can also contact Human Resources via email or phone for confidential support.



Once you submit your completed form directly online by clicking the submit button the form will go to all the Support Officers to the email If you have submitted a form with contact details, a support officer will be in touch with you within 24 hours to assist you through the next steps of the process.

If you have further questions about submitting a report, you can speak with the Student Support Centre. To read about our policies and procedures regarding Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment please read below.



Preventing sexual assault or sexual harassment helps create a safer community. If you see someone in an uncomfortable situation, don’t hesitate to help them. It’s Everyone’s Community.







If you are not satisfied with the way that the college handled your report, you can contact TEQSA at
At Excelsia College, our students come from all walks of life, bringing with them many different backgrounds, traditions and experiences, but they have something important in common.
People in our community are passionate about excelling and growing: academically, professionally, creatively, personally, spiritually, and in their understanding of the world and their place in it.

Choosing to undertake an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Excelsia College will provide you with a firm foundation for your personal and professional life.


You will find a supportive, Christ-centred environment, with world-class academics and accomplished industry professionals who are ready to stand beside you and encourage you on your journey. Your gifts and talents will be fostered as you are challenged to maximise your potential. Small class sizes and interaction with our vibrant, collaborative community provide not only an expansive network of Christians, artists and professionals but also life-long friendships.


Excitingly, together with Indiana Wesleyan University, we are part of a global Christian learning community with big plans for the future. Excelsia College has 36 years of experience in Christian higher education in Australia, and IWU has 99 years of experience in Christ-centred education in the US and global markets. Together the partners are well positioned to take Christian higher education to the next level in Australia for undergraduate and postgraduate students.


Both in and out of the classroom, we trust you will develop your character as well as your mind, and explore and deepen your faith so that you are able to engage thoughtfully and sustainably in your vocation and in your community.


We look forward to sharing your journey towards a fulfilling and inspiring future. Welcome to Excelsia College.

Mission | Excelsia College | About

Excelsia is an academic community benefiting the world by producing research characterised by exemplary scholarship consistent with a Christian world view, and graduates prepared to lead in a range of professions.

icon board s

Meet our academic board and board of Directors. Excelsia College (ACN 110 639 435) is a registered public company limited by guarantee in the State of New South Wales, Australia, under the Corporations Act 2001.

Acknowledgement of Country | Excelsia College | About

Excelsia College would like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country, the Wallumattagal (or Wallumedegal) people of the Darug Nation, on which our campus is situated.

Christine Carroll | Music Program Director | Excelsia College


Year 2022

Dr Christine Carroll

Music Program Director, Lecturer, Research Supervisor

School of Creative and Performing Arts

Christine started her career in music education in 1994 as a secondary school music teacher, moving into tertiary teaching in 1999. She has been a teacher educator at both the University of Sydney Conservatorium of Music and the Australian Catholic University before beginning work at Excelsia College in 2019. She teaches units in Contemporary and Early Music History, Small Ensemble Studies (Vocal and Chamber), Harmony and Formation III as well as Masters units in Music Pedagogy, Research Methods and Research Project.

Her personal philosophy of teaching has embraced scholarship, reflection, student centred pedagogy, and personal and spiritual formation as she seeks to develop and realise the potential of her students around share goals and mutual ownership of learning outcomes. She employs teaching strategies which start by acknowledging the diversity of students’ prior learning in music, employing social constructivist pedagogies to build formal knowledge upon their informally acquired skills. To this end, activities in performance, improvisation, arranging, analysis and reflection are utilised as a basis for the introduction of unfamiliar abstract concepts requiring music reading or literacy.

She believes that effective assessment requires collaboration, with formative feedback provided throughout learning and assessment schemes. This provides her students with the opportunity to build self-efficacy as learners before more challenging individual ‘theory’ tasks are undertaken.

Scholarship is employed in all areas of her teaching practice with the results used to enrich student learning. Her current research undertaken with Dr Latukefu seeks to explore musicians career trajectories in relation to knowledge, skill and identity formation, with the findings disseminated internationally, impacting pedagogy and curriculum development in an ongoing fashion at Excelsia College.

finance annual icon

Annual / Financial Reports

Excelsia College (ACN 110 639 435) is a registered public company limited by guarantee in the State of New South Wales, Australia, under the Corporations Act 2001.

Excelsia College is registered as a Not for Profit Charity and all annual and financial reports are submitted to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)

For the latest Annual Reports on Excelsia College please visit

news icon

Read our stories of events, thought leadership and all that is Excelsia right here!

About-icon career

Excelsia College is committed to recruiting and selecting staff with the capabilities, experience and potential required to achieve the College’s strategic goals, find out the career opportunities we have for you…

About-icon donation

Education is an important mission field for Christians today. We recognise that we have a distinct opportunity to make a significant impact on the next generation and we invite you to partner with us in God’s work.

About-icon accreditation

Excelsia College is a Higher Education Provider registered with the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency, approved to offer FEE-HELP, Youth Allowance, Austudy and Abstudy, and registered to offer courses to international students (CRICOS Provider Code 02664K).

Facilities Icon

Excelsia College’s student centre provides a place of retreat for students between classes. The student centre is fitted with modern furniture and lounge areas, creating a relaxed atmosphere for students to catch up, study or have lunch. Facilities include vending machines, microwave ovens and kitchen area, Free coffee machines, massage chair, and games tables. Throughout the year, the student centre is used for various student and alumni events and functions.

media icon

Excelsia College has a wide range of academics available for comment on a range of topics and disciplines, including the current coronavirus pandemic.

Safety & Wellbeing Icon

Excelsia prioritises the safety of our students wherever they are.

Excelsia College Earns Great Place To Work Certification

Excelsia College Earns Great Place To Work Certification™

Excelsia College is proud to be Certified™ by Great Place To Work® for another year. The prestigious award is based entirely on what current employees say about their experience working at Excelsia. This year, our results show an increase of 5% across the 20 survey focus areas compared with 2021 when Excelsia last took part in the survey.

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Caucasion female on white background

Sasha Giroux Paves a Path in Screen Production A Journey of Growth and Collaboration

Sasha Giroux, a recent graduate of Excelsia College, has carved out a unique and promising path in the world of screen production. Sasha completed her Bachelor of Screen Production in December 2023, and she officially graduated in May 2024. Her journey, characterised by a blend of academic discipline, practical experience, and collaborative spirit, exemplifies the transformative power of dedicated education and hands-on learning.

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Excelsia College News | Unravelling the strategies of award-winning students

Unravelling the strategies of award-winning students

Liam Shaw, a recent recipient of the Postgraduate Achievement Award for Education from Excelsia College, exemplifies the dedication and resilience required to excel in higher education. Awarded by the School of Education, this recognition highlights Liam’s consistent application, academic excellence, artistic prowess, personal maturity, and unwavering commitment throughout his course.

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a young female social worker standing with hands crossed and smiling

Lakshmi Nair scores an exciting role post-placement

Diversity and inclusion have become central pillars in educational institutions, not only for fostering a welcoming environment but also for enhancing student achievement across various domains. So it’s no surprise that Excelsia College values implementing initiatives that celebrate diversity and promote inclusion.

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Excelsia College | Andy Chin – Counselling and ministry really do go hand in hand

Andy Chin – Counselling and ministry really do go hand in hand

With a bachelor’s degree in science majoring in psychology already under his belt, Andy Chin found counselling to be the perfect fit for integrating Christian ministry. ‘Being a member of Wesley International Congregation, I knew of the then Wesley Institute (now Excelsia College) and its solid reputation, and I knew others who had studied there, so it made my decision easy. After I spent a season of seeking God in prayer, it was the right next step,’ explains Andy. In 1999, he took the plunge and enrolled in a Graduate Diploma of Counselling.

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Amy's Excelsia Journey | Excelsia

From Academia to Artistry: Amy’s Excelsia Journey

Amy Lawler had an excellent experience studying at Excelsia College, undergoing a Creative and Performing Arts degree. What appealed to Amy most was the flexibility offered by the degree, allowing her to tailor her academic path according to her evolving creative interests. Initially drawn to performance, Amy discovered a newfound passion for directing, writing, and stage management, broadening her horizons within the arts.

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Excelsia College | Oz to LA 2024

CAPA’s once in a lifetime opportunity

Oz to LA is an elective unit which provides drama students with the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles, California to study at the Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory (LAPAC) and learn various acting and filmmaking techniques, as well as the mechanics of the entertainment industry.

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Excelsia College News | Early Childhood Education placement

Early Childhood Education placement

Excelsia College’s Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Birth to 5 years) program is designed to equip graduates with the essential practical skills needed to seamlessly transition into the industry upon completing their degree.

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Excelsia College > About > Facilities

Campus Facilities

Excelsia College | Auditorium

Excelsia College’s auditorium provides a professional rehearsal and performance space for our drama and music courses. It houses audiences of 150, with the ability to be converted into a formal event venue.

The lighting system is equipped with hot power and 36 dimmers, with 72 patch points throughout the space. 24 are accessible in the wings for floor package use via 6-channel Wieland, and 48 points are on 4 lighting bars in the rigging above the stage. DMX and Data points can be found throughout the space, allowing flexible setup and routing. The auditorium is equipped with an ETC Ion for control of the college’s extensive library of Traditional dimming fixtures, modern LED fixtures, as well as moving fixtures and effects machines.

The Auditorium’s sound system is controlled with an Allen & Heath Qu32 32 channel digital mixing console and AR2412 digital snake, giving us 24 channels of audio from the stage to the biobox, plus a collection of microphones to suit the needs of any show or event.

Student Centre

Excelsia College’s student centre provides a place of retreat for students between classes. The student centre is fitted with modern furniture and lounge areas, creating a relaxed atmosphere for students to catch up, study or have lunch.

Facilities include vending machines, kitchen (with microwave ovens), free coffee machines, massage chairs, games tables and outdoor seating.


Throughout the year, the student centre is used for various student and alumni events and functions.

Excelsia College | Student Centre
Library | Excelsia College

The Gordon Moyes Library provides full academic services for students and staff, both on campus and remotely. The library has approximately 17,000 physical items and 180,000 full text electronic books as well as many electronic databases which will assist you to find reliable articles for your research.


The library is staffed 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, but remains open (unstaffed) until 10pm, including on Saturday.

Computer Lab

Computer labs are equipped with Windows PCs and iMacs with audio, video, and theatrical design software tools.

Mac Lab | Excelsia College
PRAYER room / chapel

We have a prayer room available to students who would like to access a private space for prayer.

Excelsia College Chapel
Excelsia College Chapel
Excelsia College Chapel
Excelsia College Chapel
Music Specialist Rooms
Excelsia College | Music Facilities
Excelsia College | Music Facilities
Excelsia College | Music Facilities
Facilities and Equipment include:

• Specialist Music library
• Fully equipped theatre for performances and concert practice
• Keyboard teaching laboratory
• Choir Studio equipped with risers and Grand Piano
• Ten (sound-proof) teaching studios and audio technology laboratories
• Instructional and administrative computers and software
• Lecture rooms capable of facilitating online learning
• Projectors, rehearsal sound systems, and computers for teaching.
• Photocopiers; whiteboards; screens; desks and chairs; and specialised equipment, such as that required for audio technology and multimedia.


Excelsia College has access to a number of professional recording studios and spaces throughout the Greater Sydney Area, with spaces able to be hired to suit every purpose.

Instruments include:

• 6 grand pianos from Kawai, Yamaha, Bechstein and Seiler.
• A collection of Kawai, Yamaha, Alex Steinbach, Brash Pailing, Melville Clarke, R. Lipp and John, John Broadwood upright pianos
• National and Hammond electronic organ
• Nord Stage 3 stage piano
• Roland stage pianos
• Roland and Casio keyboards
• Pearl Vision Drumkit, as well as Pearl Forum, Ludwig Accent, and Tama Swingstar kits
• Conga and bongo drums
• Various percussion instruments, including bongos, maracas, cabasa, claves and Indian tables
• Valencia nylon string guitars
• Bass Amps from Ampeg, Eden, and Mark Bass.
• Guitar Amps from Boss, Roland, Fender, and Peavey.

Drama Specialist Rooms
costume Excelsia College
Excelsia College | Drama Facilities
Excelsia College | Facilities
Dramatic Art | Design | Excelsia College
Drama Auditorium | Excelsia College
Facilities and Equipment include:

• Theatre
• Acting and Movement Studio with Harlequin extra cushioned dance Tarkett flooring
• Voice and Acting Studio/Lecture Room
• Theatre Design Studio
• Design and Production Technical Equipment
• Costume and Prop Rooms

Counselling/Social Work Specialist Rooms
Excelsia College | Counselling Facilities
Excelsia College | Counselling Facilities
Excelsia College | Counselling Facilities

The College offers a suite of Counselling and Social Work specialist rooms. The area boasts dedicated private therapy and counselling rooms, a reception area and offices that are used for tutorial discussion groups, as well as for administrative purposes.

Sydney Film School
Facilities and Equipment include:
  • • Sound stage
  • • Cinema
  • • Movemement studio
  • • Training rooms
  • • Production offices
  • • Postproduction mastering suite
  • • Editing suites
  • • Animation pods

Excelsia College > About > Wellbeing and Safety > Campaigns and Events

Staff Campaigns

At Excelsia, we understand that many factors can influence and impact one’s wellbeing.


We also seek to look at what we can do now to protect and support our wellbeing and plan for current and future challenges.


This will look different from person to person, as a College we have been encouraged to consider developing a personal Wellness Action Plan.

Wellness - Plan to Be Well

Each year, our community rallies around the Annual 10,000 Steps Challenge.


  • From joining in teams to simulate and African Adventure (2019),
  • to joining as Departments to tally the most steps to claim the win (2020 & 2021),
  • to joining as one team to tally enough steps to walk from Excelsia, Sydney to the NSW Northern Rivers to raise money for those affected by the floods (2022)!
Steps Challenge 2022 | Staff Campaign
10,000 Steps | Staff Campaigns

We prioritise our physical wellbeing by challenging each other to regular physical activity each year.


Table Tennis Tournament

Ping Pong Tournament | Staff Campaign
Ping Pong Tournament | Staff Campaign

At Excelsia, we know that good Nutrition is a major contributor to good health, to unlock energy, and to help healthy sleep.


We also love to encourage each other and share our healthy signature dishes while we engage in fellowship over shared meals together!

Staff Lunch | Staff Campaign
Staff Lunch | Staff Campaign

Pizza & Picasso

We take time to collaborate and engage in relationships outside of the office and the classroom. Our recent Pizza & Picasso Day was a fun initiative to employ tenets of mindfulness as well as to relax and unleash more of our creativity at work!

Pizza Picasso | Staff Campaign
Pizza Picasso | Staff Campaign
Pizza Picasso | Staff Campaign


Red25 is a unique giving program by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. They unite workplaces, community groups, schools and universities around Australia to save lives through blood donation.


Together, Red25 members work towards ensuring that 25% of Australia’s blood donations are secured. We can help them achieve this goal.

If you would like to give blood in the future we will be organising time slots every three months. Visit // for more information.

Congratulations to the Luo Tribe who won the 10,000 Steps Challenge. The winning team consisted of George Odhiambo, Beatrice Lorquet, Shiela Rendon and Rebecca Lang.

Five Teams competed in this challenge and as a staff we walked a total of 10,678,697 Steps in the space of 6 weeks. Well done to all the teams who competed.

Campus safety

Excelsia College is committed to ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of our staff, students, volunteers, visitors, and others at our campus. Our campus and facilities are safe places to visit, study, and work. However, please remember to take responsibility for your own actions and don’t put yourself or others at risk. Familiarise yourself with the College’s security and safety policies found in the Student Handbook. Please follow any relevant safety signs and directions.


  • •  Consider personal safety when travelling alone, at night and on public transport.
  • •  When walking around the College watch out for traffic and don’t be distracted by your mobile phone or other electronic device.
  • •  Ensure cars are locked and valuables removed.
  • •  Report incidents, hazards and other safety concerns to relevant staff.
  • •  If you become unwell while at the College use good cough etiquette, wash your hands frequently and seek medical attention.
  • •  If you have a medical condition that could impact on your health or safety while at the College, please disclose this to relevant staff members.
  • •  Take responsibility for your own actions and don’t put yourself or others at risk of injury or illness.

Safety around Sydney and Australia

When you arrive in Sydney, you will find it different to your home country or town so there will be a period of adjustment as you get used to your new environment. Australia is a safe country by world standards, and Sydney is considered a safe city. As you settle in, it’s a good idea to be more careful that usual until you understand the customs in this new environment.


One of the best ways to stay safe in a new country or city is to make friends with local people and ask their advice about what they think is safe. Orientation is a great time to meet others and make some friends at the College, so talk to your fellow students and learn from them. Staff at the College can also help with advice.

Personal safety – Take care – Be aware

Plan your movements

Walk Safely

  • Walk with a friend or stay with a crowd and keep in well-lit areas. Walk purposely and confidently.
  • Be wary of strangers on foot or in cars who ask for directions.
  • Call loudly if in danger. Carrying a personal alarm is a good idea.
  • Trust your intuition. It could protect you from danger.
  • Walking around the College watch out for traffic and don’t be distracted by your mobile phone, iPod, or other electronic device.

Travel Safely

  • Buses & trains: wait in open well-lit populated areas. Avoid isolated closed-in shelters and avoid waiting alone by knowing your timetable. On the train, avoid empty carriages and sit near other people on the aisle.
  • Taxis: phone for a taxi instead of hailing, record the taxi number, ask a friend to wait with you until the taxi arrives. Sitting in the back is a good idea.
  • Bicycles: it is the law that all cyclists wear helmets in Australia. If commuting at night, ensure that you use a bike light and wear bright clothes. Ensure your bike is locked when you leave it.
  • Cars: you must have a driver’s licence to drive in Australia. Your home country licence is ok if in English or you may also drive on an International Driving Permit. Once it expires, you will need to apply for a NSW driver’s licence to continue driving. When driving, you must carry your licence with you and show it to Police if they ask to see it. You must wear a seatbelt at all times. You should not drive if you have been under the influence of illicit substances. Ensure cars are locked and valuables removed.

Be aware of your surroundings

  • Report suspicious behaviour, incidents, hazards and other safety concerns to relevant staff.
  • Program College Security’s phone number (61 02 9819 8815) into your mobile phone.
  • Remember, most mobile phones will call 000 even when no credit is on the sim card.

Welcome to the Excelsia College Policy Library. This is where you will find our policies, procedures, regulations, guidelines, delegations and related documents.


Policy review

A review of our policies is currently in progress. The Management Committee is working with internal and external stakeholders to review policy, examine good practice, and benchmark with peer providers. Our aim is to increase the scope, coherence and effectiveness of our policies.




For students

Academic and Professional Development Plan
Academic Board Profiles
Academic Delegations
Academic Integrity Framework
Academic Promotion and Classification Policy and Procedure
Academic Teaching Framework

Assessment Framework

Admissions Framework
Application for Credit
Application for Extension
Application for Recognition of Prior Learning
Assessment Title Page

Board of Directors Profiles and Skills Matrix

Community Engagement Committee Terms of Reference
Conflict of Interest Policy
Course Development Committee Terms of Reference
Course Development Management and Review Framework
Critical Incident Framework

Education Agent Management Framework
Employee Action Form
Employee Lifecycle Framework
Employee Site-Specific WHS Induction Form

Excellence in Teaching Award

Facilities Plan 2021-2025

Financial and Administration – Student Framework

Financial Delegations
Fire Drill Report
Fraud and Corruption Prevention Framework

Governance Charter

Handbook for Supervisors of Higher Degree by Research Candidates

Health and Safety Framework

Higher Degree by Research Handbook
Human Resources Delegations

Incident Report
Information Management and Privacy Policy Framework
Integrity and Respect Framework
Intellectual Property Policy
International Students Guide
IT Framework

Leadership and Governance Framework
Learning and Teaching Committee Terms of Reference
Learning Equity and Access Plan Brochure
Learning Equity and Access Plan Medical Practitioner Report

Library Framework

Management Delegations

Marketing and Communications Framework

Notification of Off Campus Activity

Observation Report

Policy Template

Professional Development and Promotion Framework

Quality Assurance Framework

Register of Legislative Compliance

Related Party Transactions Policy

Remuneration and Benefits Framework
Research Excellence Awards Guidelines
Research Framework
Risk Management Policy and Procedure

Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response Framework

Staff Code of Conduct
Staff Handbook
Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Student Code of Conduct
Student Grievance Framework
Student Handbook
Student Learning Framework
Student Lifecycle Framework
Student Representative Council Terms of Reference

Student Wellbeing Framework

Support for Students Policy

Warden Training Record
Workstation Checklist

Excelsia College > About > Wellbeing and Safety > Health and Safety

Health and Safety

At Excelsia, the safety and security of all members is very important on and off campus. The College is constantly aiming to improve your campus by removing safety risks and increasing security all around campus. If you do encounter a safety or security risk, please let the Work, Health & Safety Committee know by completing a hazard report down below. Other resources are available in the tabs below.


The Work Health and Safety Committee (WHSC) is the major formal mechanism for consultation and cooperation between management and workers in promoting and developing measures to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. The Committee is comprised of management representatives, identified by the responsibilities of their duties and specific expertise, and at least as many worker members chosen to represent designated work groups. It reports directly to the Management Committee.

  • – Assisting in the worker consultation process;
  • – Developing, implementing and reviewing health and safety related policies, standards, rules and procedures;
  • – Reviewing accident, incident and injury statistics and details and developing strategies to improve the Institute’s performance, and
  • – Assisting in communicating with, and educating workers in, health and safety matters.

The Committee will consist of:

Management representatives based on their area of responsibility;

  • – A member of the Board of Directors, and at least 5 worker representatives based on designated work groups;
  • – The Committee will be chaired by the elected employee representative and a secretariat service will be provided by Manager of People and Culture (or equivalent);
  • – All Health and Safety Representatives are automatically included as worker representatives on the Committee.
WHSC Members and Representatives
WHSC Excelsia Committee

Roles and Responsibilities

Each member of the College has an important role when it comes to Workplace Health & Safety. Make your campus safer.


Chief Executive (CEO)

Chief Executive (CEO) is, along with the Excelsia College Directors, the “Person conducting a business or undertaking” and has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring, so far as reason ably practicable, that the College satisfies all legislative requirements as an employer and provides a safe and healthy workplace. This includes showing a strong commitment to health and safety and ensuring health and safety is an integral part of business planning. The CEO has delegated some strategic and operational responsibilities in relation to health and safety.


Board of directors

The Board of Directors have the delegated responsibilities of:

– Providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment;

– Providing adequate facilities including first aid services;

– Providing safe access to and from the workplace;

– Providing necessary information, training and supervision to allow workers to perform their work safely, and

– Developing the Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) in consultation with workers and/or their chosen representatives.


Director of People and Culture

Specific responsibilities attached to this position include:

– Secretariat service to the Work Health and Safety Committee;

– Overseeing the development, implementation and evaluation of health and safety related policies, procedures and practices;

– Submitting all relevant documents to the Chief Executive, and

– Providing staff with health and safety related information and training as necessary.


Work Health and Safety Committee

The Work Health and Safety Committee (WHSC) is the major formal mechanism for consultation and cooperation between management and workers in promoting and developing measures to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. The Committee is comprised of management representatives, identified by the responsibilities of their duties and specific expertise, and at least as many worker members chosen to represent designated work groups. It reports directly to the Management Committee.

The Committee has been charged with:

– Assisting in the worker consultation process;

– Developing, implementing and reviewing health and safety related policies, standards, rules and procedures;

– Reviewing accident, incident and injury statistics and details and developing strategies to improve the performance of the College, and

– Assisting in communicating with, and educating workers in, health and safety matters.

The Committee will consist of:

Management representatives based on their area of responsibility;

a member of the Excelsia College board of directors, and at least 5 worker representatives based on designated work groups.

The Committee will be chaired by the elected employee representative and a secretariat service will be provided by Head of Human Resources (or equivalent).

All Health and Safety Representatives are automatically included as worker representatives on the Committee.



Managers are responsible for:

– Consulting with workers on health and safety matters;

– Ensuring that everyone in their area understands and adheres to health and safety procedures;

– That hazards are identified and appropriately managed;

– That all workers have the knowledge and skills to work safely;

– That protective equipment is provided and used where necessary;

– That health and safety issues are integrated into all planning and considered in purchasing goods and services;

– Ensure incidents, accidents and near misses are reported, and

– Ensure that relevant records are maintained.


Management Committee

Senior Executives are “officers” for the purposes of health and safety and must exercise due diligence to ensure that Excelsia College (across the School) complies with its health and safety duties.

Within their Division they have the responsibility to:

– Establish a work culture that focuses on creating the healthiest and safest workplace possible;

– Actively support health and safety strategies;

– Support and participate in hazard inspections;

– Incorporate health and safety into business planning;

– Take practical steps to ensure that workplaces effectively apply a risk management approach to hazards;

– Foster a culture of reporting incidents, accidents and dangerous occurrences and that appropriate action is taken;

– Ensure all workers get proper training, and

– Review reports submitted from the Health and Safety Committee.



All workers are expected to:

– Meet any specific health and safety responsibilities attached to their roles;

– Not place themselves or others at risk through their actions or omissions;

– Follow all reasonable instructions, policies and procedures and use provided protective equipment, and

– Report all accidents, incidents and hazards to their manager.


Students and visitors

All non-employees must comply with all relevant policies, rules, procedures and other guidelines.

Visitors must also comply with any reasonable instructions given to them by the Excelsia College representative escorting them through the workplace.

Wellbeing and Consultation

It is important you maintain your health and wellbeing while you are at the College. Here are some tips and reminders for you.

Get Healthy at Work

is an important new NSW Government initiative that aims to help improve the health of working adults by focussing on:

  • Healthy eating
  • Healthy weight
  • Physical activity
  • Active travel (i.e. walking, cycling, public transport to work)
  • Smoking
  • Harmful alcohol consumption

Beyond Blue

beyondblue is working to reduce the impact of anxietydepression and suicide in the community by raising awareness and understanding, empowering people to seek help, and supporting recovery, management and resilience.

Managing eye health in the workplace

Screen based users are encouraged to follow simple steps to reduce the risk of vision strain:

  1. Give it a rest: Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and look at something 20 feet (6 metres) away.
  2. Size up: Increase font size to use SBE at a comfortable distance for the eyes.
  3. Sharpen up: Better resolution offers greater clarity and usually more comfort.
  4. Reduce glare: Try to reduce glare where possible and ensure lighting is not directly behind or in front of your head.
  5. Look down: A computer monitor or hand-held device can be positioned slightly below eye level.

Manual Handling

Procedure for Manual Handling


Excelsia College consults with staff and students by talking to them about health and safety issues, providing them with relevant information, giving them an opportunity to express their views, involving them in decision making and letting them know the outcomes of decisions that affect them.

This is done mainly through the Work Health and Safety Committee (WHSC).


WHS Contacts

WHS / Mental Health First Aider

Cameron Lyon – 9819 8881

Beatrice Lorquet – 9819 8853

Kerrie Preedy – 9819 8835

Mark Seton – 9819 8821


WHS / First Aid Officers

Anthony Semaan – 9819 8846

John Leung – 9819 8854

Rachel Thompson – 9819 8801

Kathryn Honor – 9819 8851

Cameron Lyon – 9819 8881

Joanne Ng – 9819 8885

a table of first aid staff from Excelsia College

Excelsia College > About > Wellbeing and Safety > Problem Behaviour

Problem behaviour

The College encourages the immediate identification of any of the behaviours listed below so that we can respond with support and if necessary, intervention as early as possible. Minimising the risk to those demonstrating the behaviour and anyone impacted by it is something we aim to address immediately. If you ever see these types of behaviour, please let Student Support Centre know. 


Stalking is “any unwanted, repeated and continuing contact which directly or indirectly causes a person to feel threatened, harassed or intimidated.”

Suicidal behaviour

“Suicidal behaviour or suicidality is a comprehensive concept including suicidal thoughts, attempts and completed suicides.”

Non-suicidal self-injury

“Non-suicidal self-injury is where the self-injury is not intended to result in death (also termed as self-harm, self-mutilation, cutting and parasuicide).”

Family violence

Family violence looks like “violent, threatening or other behaviour by a person that coerces or controls a member of the person’s family (the family member), or causes the family member to be fearful”


Threats can be “a statement that expresses an intention to commit harm or evil to someone who does not do what is told”

Harassment, bullying or discrimination

• Discrimination means being treated unfairly or not as well as others because of a personal characteristic like age, gender, race or disability.
• Bullying is repeated verbal, physical, social or psychological abuse that creates a risk to a person’s health and safety (including mental health).

Unacceptable behaviour in the workplace

“actions, words or physical gestures that could reasonably be perceived to be the cause of another person’s distress or discomfort.


The College defines behaviour as being unacceptable if:

• It is unwanted by the recipient.

• It has the purpose or effect of violating the recipient’s dignity and/or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment, and

• Having regard to all the circumstances, including the recipient’s perception, it was reasonable for the behaviour to have that effect.

If you ever see any of the behaviours mentioned above on campus and it is affecting you, please feel free to contact the Student Support Centre 9000 9621.

The SSC has two wonderful counselling interns who have completed all theoretical training and are ready to support you. We also have more experienced counsellors who an intern counsellor might refer you to, should they consider it necessary for your wellbeing. All appointments are confidential and free of charge.

If you are unable to reach the SSC below are some alternative contacts to consider.


MENTAL HEALTH LINE: 1800 334 673

PANDA: 1300 726 306