With a master’s degree in business studies, Sushma Shrestha was working in the banking industry when she started thinking about doing further studies to enhance her knowledge and skills in leadership and business. While doing intensive research she discovered Excelsia College’s postgraduate degree. ‘The Master of Business (Research) was the perfect choice for a working professional like me due to the career advancement it offered.’


Sushma vividly remembers the day she arrived in Sydney in July 2018. ‘As an international student, I was both terrified and excited as everything was new to me and Excelsia College was the only place where I felt so connected with meeting students from my home country.’ She was able to firmly embed herself within the College community as not only a student but also as a staff member. ‘I considered myself very fortunate as I became a front desk receptionist in 2018 when I started my course. Being interviewed for this position and being selected was one of my key highlights at the College.’ Sushma also found comfort in the role as she adjusted to being so far from home. ‘The front receptionist role provided me with great confidence to go through life far from Nepal.’


Sushma was also able to get to know staff, senior management and lecturers and see the College’s values and beliefs reflected through the people she came across. ‘All the people were very amiable and supportive and they reflected Christ-like behaviour. I was able to align with Excelsia’s values and beliefs centred around a Christian learning environment. Likewise, as a student I was connected with different Bible verses throughout the course.’


During her studies, Sushma and her peers were provided with a choice of several different leadership areas for their final year Master of Business (Research) thesis. ‘I chose servant leadership around the premise of a leader who serves first. This topic reflects my beliefs in treating people with love, compassion and respect and implementing the values throughout my life to influence others and make a difference,’ she explains. Sushma presented her thesis at the College’s HDR symposium in November 2020, helping her to refine her research project even further. ‘Excelsia College provided me with immense love, support and guidance throughout my studies, as well as beyond the College in building my confidence to face life abroad. This makes me feel capable to utilise my principles of love, compassion, and respect towards every human being wherever I go.’


Sushma enjoyed celebrating her graduation held at the Wesley Centre earlier this year! She is now a mother and working in the retail sector with the aspiration to be in a leadership position in the near future.


If you are considering postgraduate studies or want to learn how to lead others with integrity within your organisation, why not explore our Master of Business (Research)? You never know where the course could take you!

On Friday 20 May, Excelsia’s School of Business held an HDR Symposium Research Showcase in the Auditorium and via Zoom. The symposium allowed students the opportunity to showcase their research projects to all people in the School of Business. All students who presented their research received a Certificate of Presentation. Additionally, awards were presented to select PhD and Master of Business (Research) students for the best presentations.


The Award for the Best Presentation for the PhD went to two students, Subodh Sharma Sigdel who explored leadership styles and organisational outcomes of public enterprises of Nepal, and Samuel Sterland who studied the value of organisational culture to understanding church life.


Duy The Bui won the Award for the Best Presentation for the Master of Business (Research) for his research on narcissistic traits and good leadership in Australian financial services SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises).


The list of PhD students who presented includes Henry Shililu, Sathyapriya Govindarajulu, Subodh Sharma Sigdel and Samuel Sterland.


The Master of Business Research (MBR) students who presented include Dipen Jayendrakuman Acharya, Sudip Sainju, Sandip Deuja, Ramya Tunikipati and Duy The Bui.


Well done to Excelsia academic and administrative staff and students involved in making this symposium a success. We can’t wait to see the high standard of research that is produced by our students.


If you are interested in undertaking further research, why not explore what Excelsia College’s Master of Business (Research) or PhD in Organisational Leadership can offer you? Enquire with us today!

In this competitive job climate where it can be hard to know how to set yourself apart from other candidates, a business degree is a valuable investment. Did you know Australian business graduates enjoy some of the highest employment rates in the country? Grad Australia (2020) revealed that over 69 per cent of graduates find employment within the first four months after graduating and 58 per cent attain full-time employment. According to an article by QS Top Universities (2021), ‘business touches on pretty much every aspect of modern human society, careers with a business degree are diverse and often highly paid.’


Within its School of Business, Excelsia College offers a Master of Business Administration that teaches students about leadership, social responsibility and how to be an ethical decision-maker within their organisation. Over two years, students will study about issues in commerce, governance, leadership, and management in the unit ‘Professional Ethics’, about an organisation’s internal and external environments in the unit ‘Business Strategy and Policy’, and the ethical and social implications of marketing campaigns in the unit ‘Marketing Management’. Students will also learn how to apply key managerial concepts and theories in the contemporary work environment.


For students interested in organisational leadership and research methodology, Excelsia offers a three-year PhD Organisational Leadership. The PhD builds on the Master of Business Administration and includes the units ‘Research Methodology and Data Collection’ and ‘Research Proposal and Literature Review’ before students undertake their thesis. Throughout their studies, students will undertake a critical investigation into organisational leadership. The thesis helps to prepare students for leadership-level engagement in their chosen field and in contributing highly developed research.


Excelsia business graduates can apply what they have learned throughout their studies to real-world contexts, backed by the theory to help them innovate in their workplace. From working as a management consultant overseeing teams, to a career advisor guiding people on suitable occupations, or as an entrepreneur running their own business, business students will be equipped with the knowledge to plan their next venture.


Now more than ever, innovative ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking is needed, as well as personable skills to react to real-world situations as they happen. Why not explore Excelsia College’s School of Business today?




Grad Australia. (2020). Business and commerce graduate jobs overview. Grad Australiahttps://gradaustralia.com.au/business-commerce-graduate-jobs

QS Top Universities. (2021). Why study business? QS Top Universitieshttps://www.topuniversities.com/courses/business-management-studies/why-study-business

Excelsia College is proud to now be delivering a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and Master of Professional Accounting. Both courses are 100 per cent accredited by CPA Australia (Certified Practising Accountant) and CAANZ (Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand).


Accounting demands a range of transferable skills, including quantitative, analytical, and decision-making skills. Students of Excelsia’s newly launched accounting degrees will develop a broad understanding of accounting and the environment in which it operates, as well as the ability to apply a wide range of accounting skills.


With academic direction from our industry-renowned Business academics, students are carefully guided to graduate with a practical accounting degree. Excelsia has a diverse student community, which creates a stimulating and supportive learning environment. You will interact with peers possessing a broad range of experience, many of whom are looking to develop further insights in accounting.


Overseen by Excelsia’s Head of School of Business, Professor Ian Eddie, these degrees will challenge and inspire students. Professor Eddie describes accounting as the language of business; the financial success of a company can be impacted by accounting data and information, as well as logistics and sales reports.


‘All students are provided with outstanding teaching and learning support to prepare them for an exciting career in the accounting profession, including the provision of financial services and the financial management of business organisations,’ says Professor Eddie. ‘Practical projects using contemporary software, such as Xero, are used in learning activities. Applied business projects provide students with practical skills to enhance their employability on graduation.’


After they finish their studies, the graduate student is required to do a minimum of 3 years professional work experience under an approved mentor organisation in an accounting position. They will complete the professional examinations of either of the organisations that they have applied to be a member of. Following the successful completion of their professional work experience and providing they pass all of the professional examinations, the graduate will then be eligible to apply for membership of the organisation and can use the post-nominal letter CPA or CA.

Accounting is a global profession providing qualified accountants with career opportunities in international business and financial services. Accountants are employed in all organisations from small enterprises through to large global companies in roles such as a chief financial officer, chief accountant or financial controller.


‘Accountants also provide assurance and audit services to companies and organisations to satisfy shareholder and stakeholder obligations and meet government and regulatory compliance standards,’ explains Professor Eddie. ‘Today’s accountants have high-level information technology capabilities and are intimately involved in the management and leadership of organisations. Accountants are in strong demand and their professional skills and capabilities ensure they play a critical role in the economic and social development of companies and nations.’


Learn more about Excelsia’s latest accounting degrees via the links below:


Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

Master of Professional Accounting

Excelsia College prides itself on providing students with a holistic, well-rounded education, and developing students who can engage critically within our ever-changing world. Our students are encouraged to not only stretch themselves intellectually but form their own opinions. Within our School of Business courses, students learn how to work collaboratively, make ethical decisions and effectively lead teams with integrity. Our courses focus on problem-solving and enable students to respond to real-world issues such as how to be an effective organisational leader in competitive and turbulent times. With this skill set, Excelsia business graduates can make a valuable contribution to a variety of organisations including corporations, government and non-government sectors.


Equipped with not only theoretical knowledge, but also skills in how to practise responsible and ethical leadership, Excelsia business graduates succeed in a variety of roles including business managers and leaders in start-up entrepreneurial businesses, leadership and management support roles in government, non-government organisations and corporations, policy analysis, market research, data analytics, technology transfer, and technical and professional writing.


Excelsia’s School of Business courses include:


Master of Business Administration – 2 years full time


Our MBA program focuses on leadership and social responsibility, and how to be an ethical and socially responsible decision-maker within your organisation. It also provides you with foundational, relevant curriculum that can be applied in real-world contexts, as well as knowledge on how to make a positive difference within your organisation. The course is designed for young managers and business leaders who are developing their understanding of business processes. You will study units such as Marketing Management, Business Economics and Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. This globally recognised course can take you anywhere.


PhD in Organisational Leadership – 3 years full time


Our Doctor of Philosophy (Organisational Leadership) combines study and research in organisational leadership and research methodology. You will critically investigate organisational leadership aspects and passionately explore topics that can be applied to your professional practice. You will prepare a thesis using appropriate methodology, undergoing ethics approvals and confirmation of candidature. In order to qualify, industry or professional experience in organisational leadership, management, business or a related field is preferred. In the case where it is unclear whether the prospective student is suitable to enter the course, they may attend an interview to determine eligibility for entry to the program.