Lara Pilcher first began her association with Excelsia College in 1997 when she commenced her Bachelor of Creative Arts in Dance. For Lara, studying at an institution that taught creative arts from a faith-based perspective excited her. From the get-go, she became involved in the community and was able to refine her creative talents, learning from creatives from all over the world. Lara also enjoyed being a student representative of the entire college in her final year of studies.

When reflecting on her studies, Lara explains, ‘The dance degree was vigorous and very full. I further pursued acting and singing and broadened my education after the strong foundation I gained from Excelsia.’ After graduating from Excelsia in 1999, Lara completed a Musical Theatre Certificate II at Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) and then a master’s in musical theatre at Arts Educational School in London. Now, she’s using her knowledge as a performer and arts advocate and she networks with Christian artists all around the world. She also produces high quality events in Sydney and London and has taught performance masterclasses in Paris, Beijing, and New York. Prior to relocating to London to further pursue performing, Lara ran her own dance studio in Perth. She has also married a man who shares her same passion for the arts as a specialist physiotherapist for artists and the couple have two children.

The creative and performing arts industry is fluid and ever changing, reflective of the number of roles and locations Lara has worked in throughout her twenty-year career. ‘I moved to Melbourne for five years to continue performing and be closer to family. I worked in Australian television, musical theatre and theatre. Then I worked as an associate professor of acting at Bethel Conservatory of The Arts in Redding, California.’ Now, Lara and her family are based in Atlanta, Georgia, working as part of films shooting for Netflix, Marvel and beyond in the region. This year, Lara also started her own self-titled business, providing coaching and courses for performers.

Undertaking study at a tertiary institution is a stepping stone on one’s journey to pursuing their dream career and for Lara, it’s an experience that she would do all over again! ‘Excelsia College made a huge difference to me. I’m grateful for my three happy years and I smile every time I remember it. I had the time of my life and still have many friends from College; we made lifetime bonds and have so many happy memories. My vision was broadened and passion ignited for the entire world and all the artists and creativity it carries. I believe deeply in faith-based artists and their impact on the professional world of arts,’ says Lara reflectively.

We are proud of Lara and for her drive and ambition to succeed in the competitive creative and performing arts space. She embodies Excelsia’s ethos of being a lifelong learner engaged with and positively impacting the world. ‘I love leading artists and still lead artists today,’ says Lara. It seems Lara has certainly found her calling in life and it will be exciting to see the places she will go!

Excelsia College offers creative and performing arts courses and many of our alumni have gone on to pursue successful careers across areas such as music, drama, performance studies and screen production.

With a daughter who was valedictorian at Excelsia College for the Bachelor of Dramatic Art, Tracey Deal had big shoes to fill when she enrolled in a Master of Educational Leadership at Excelsia College in 2017. Tracey had been working as an educator for many years and felt it was time to do further study to better equip herself for higher leadership positions within a school environment.


The course’s emphasis on a Christian biblical worldview and the flexibility of being able to start her studies at any point also appealed to Tracey. ‘I have known a lot about Excelsia College from a long time ago when it was Wesley Institute and being creative arts focused it was relevant to my life as a music teacher.’ Tracey is also passionate about developing students to reach their potential and she closely aligned with Excelsia College’s mission and ethos of making lifelong learners. ‘It is a friendly, dedicated and Christ-centred environment,’ says Tracey.


Tracey was one of only three students when she commenced her studies and was able to complete her whole course online even before online delivery became mandatory at the onset of the COVID-19 lockdowns. ‘As I did my whole course online, I didn’t really have a lot of in-person interactions, but I found the lecturers for the course extremely helpful. I also enjoyed getting to know new people from all over the country and world online.’


Tracey has been able to apply what she’s studied to her leadership-based role as Principal of Penrith Christian School, a role she commenced in 2019, a year after graduating. ‘I believe God taught me to consider relevant and contemporary issues through a biblical world view, rather than just in a school setting. Studying at Excelsia College gave more meaning to the subjects I did as I was at a Christian school. I believe studying at Excelsia certainly helped me attain my goal of becoming school principal.’


Whilst advancement within one’s career can be a daunting task, Tracey felt led by God and took comfort in her favourite Bible verse, Proverbs 3:5–6, which says, ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.’ Tracey has certainly learned to trust in Him as she reflects, ‘The words of the verses from Proverbs have been an encouraging and a gentle reminder daily that my calling to educate is not fulfilling unless it is through relying on God at the same time.’


Excelsia is proud of its graduates, including Tracey, who have gone on to be leaders within their communities. If you’re in the educational sector or are interested in upskilling, why not explore how the Master of Educational Leadership can help you achieve your career goals?

A desire to develop her communication skills, a better understanding of people’s mental health and her own mindset were the key motivators that led Alison Crooks to enrol in the Graduate Certificate in Counselling at Excelsia College.

Deciding to re commence her studies in 2020 as a mature age student was a daunting prospect for the mother of two. Alison was working as a Foundational Skills Lecturer within the Army Indigenous Development Program (AIDP) in Darwin, teaching literacy and numeracy skills to army trainee cohorts.

Despite the new season of change, Alison was able to smoothly transition back into the study environment. ‘Excelsia offered so much support – there was workshops on how to do the assignments and lots of help if I needed it. I also had counselling from the free counsellors that Excelsia offered, as it helped me learn the skill of counselling.’

Whilst Alison completed her course 100 per cent online, she appreciated being able to learn in real time, foster friendship with her peers and feel supported by her lecturers. ‘The students at Excelsia were some of the friendliest people I have met. I still have friends that I made during this course. There were a lot of people in the course who were in a similar situation to mine – they wanted to improve their position in their job or transition into a new line of work. I also found the teachers at Excelsia so amazing. They had practical knowledge of what it was like to work as a counsellor.’

In her studies, Alison not only learned how to counsel others, but also how to understand her own mind and way of thinking. ‘In the course we constantly practiced our communication skills, not just what we say but how we say it. I’ve never really had that before. We are often too focused on learning information, but the Excelsia course really helped me apply the knowledge as well.’

After completing her studies in 2021, Alison moved into a more senior position within AIDP, working as a Program Coordinator and helping Indigenous recruits to meet the Army entry requirements. Alison has been able to see a direct correlation between the skills she learned in her study and in her interactions with others. ‘The skills I learned at Excelsia have been important in helping people deal with the stress that they experience coming into the course and any mental health or trauma issues they are dealing with. The skills I learned during this course will stay with me forever.’ As for describing Excelsia, she was attracted to the inclusive learning environment and describes the College as ‘loving supported education.’

Alison also appreciated the intersection of faith within her studies. ‘I think Excelsia has a really important place in teaching counselling that acknowledges and respects the role that religion has in helping people deal with their mental health issues.’

If you’re interested in working as a counsellor and learning practical skills to help you relate to others in your workplace, why not explore Excelsia’s counselling courses? You will learn not only the theoretical knowledge but also the practical skills within a Christian worldview.

A Bachelor of Music at Excelsia College has the power to set you up on a variety of different pathways. Just look at Esther Moran. The 25-year-old is a vocalist and synth player in indie band Casual Fan and just under a month ago she performed on the main stage of the music festival Lost Paradise! This same main stage featured acts including Arctic Monkeys, Lil Nas X and Jamie XX.

Playing at Lost Paradise was a big step up for Casual Fan, who were used to the typical pubs and clubs circuit. ‘Playing at Lost Paradise was an awesome experience. Getting to hear your music through the highest quality speakers and gear was definitely a highlight. Knowing all the biggest acts were all on the same stage as you was a big step up from the usual venues we play as a band’, explains Esther.

For Esther, being a performer came naturally, but it was the skills she learned outside of her vocal major that she found particularly helpful. ‘Doing a placement as a worship leader at the end of my degree taught me useful skills like the recording process, knowing how to set up my stage if the sound guy is late, to using my scales I learned in my very first keyboard class.’ Studying music at Excelsia also helped Esther to feel confident in the music industry. ‘I know that I can walk into a wide variety of settings and trust in my own ability to hold my own,’ she says.

Throughout her studies, Esther not only grew as a musician but also as a woman of faith as she discovered what she wanted to do with music. ‘I look back very fondly on my time at Excelsia College. I went into my degree not knowing what I wanted out of it, never having had a singing lesson or written a line of music in my life. I walked away as not only an extremely better singer but also a well-rounded musician with a variety of skillsets I wouldn’t have imagined before.’

Esther’s long term dream is to see her music reach a wider audience and have the opportunity to pursue music full time. ‘When I was just about to start my degree, I had planned to go into teaching, which I will always have the option to return to. For now though I am going to put all my energy and effort into performing and recording with Casual Fan.’

For any other budding musicians looking to break it in the industry, Esther’s main advice is to never lose your passion and love for music. ‘It’s extremely hard work to push your own music and it takes up a lot of time. As soon as the passion and the love goes it can be hard to remember why you’re doing it in the first place. Music is a gift and if what you create impacts one person, I think that’s pretty awesome.’ 

Casual Fan have just released their single ‘French New Wave’ from their upcoming EP. To have a listen, head to their Spotify account and follow their updates on their Instagram page casualfanmusic. If you’re interested in becoming a musician or honing your musical gifts, why not explore our Bachelor of Music? You never know the places you could go!

Esther Moran | Casual Fan | Excelsia Music Alumni

‘A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher.’ – Luke 6:40


The theme for World Teachers’ Day on Friday 28 October 2022 is ‘Hats off to teachers’. This is a fitting theme considering the disruptions our educators have faced throughout the past two years of the pandemic and their ongoing support to the lives of students and their families (The Sector, 2022). Excelsia College is proud to see its education graduates making a positive impact on the lives of children within early childhood, primary and secondary school settings. Take Darren Walker, Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary) alumnus, for example. Darren is the upper school principal and former mathematics teacher at Cair Paravel Latin School, a Christian school in Topeka, Kansas. For Darren, teaching is a lifelong process, and this is an attitude that is fostered in his school’s students. ‘We don’t want our students to just learn what they need to do so they can graduate and go to college and get a job. This is about teaching kids to love learning.’


In his role as principal, Darren is passionate about transforming teachers into the best educators they can be and he trains teachers how to educate more effectively. ‘As a principal, I consider it my job to make it easier for my teachers to do their job, that’s my number one goal and when I can do that, I have no desire to do anything else.’ Darren always had a calling to teaching but he took a detour on this journey there. ‘After initially starting out to be a mathematics teacher, I felt the Lord change my direction and I went to law school and practised in the field for 15 years.’


It was at a Christian Schools Conference in Sydney in 2011 that Darren saw advertising for the then Wesley Institute’s (now Excelsia College’s) education programs, which piqued his interest. When he found out he could complete the majority of his studies remotely and in his own time, Darren was sold on the course and commenced in 2012. ‘I’m a self-paced and voracious learner so online learning is a really good fit for me. I joked with a couple of people that I was working full time and spending the whole weekend doing a week’s worth of Excelsia to get it all submitted and head back to work on Monday!’ Despite studying remotely, Darren still felt supported by his lecturers. ‘I always felt if I needed something or had a question that they were always accessible. Given my background, I found staff to be very helpful and solve the problems that needed solving.’


Close-knit relationships and open communication between staff and students have influenced the way Darren engages with his students. ‘As a teacher, one of the verses I find to be particularly important is Luke 6:40 which says, “A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher.”’ Darren continues, ‘As teachers, we don’t just impart information to students. A teacher, whether intentionally or not, demonstrates to their students how to become like them and, God willing, forms virtue in their students’ hearts. That’s why a close relationship between a teacher and a student is really important and, in my opinion, indispensable when it comes to successful teaching. I see that at Excelsia and in the desire that a lot of the lecturers have to be well engaged with their students.’


For Darren, the Christian framework at Excelsia was also a key reason for wanting to study there. ‘A lot of my undergraduate and graduate work wasn’t in a Christian context, so I really appreciate the solid Christian world view that pervades everything that Excelsia does. As I have gone into Christian education, it’s important to me to have an education that has a Christian world view behind all the theory we confront.’ Darren also enjoyed the broad cross-cultural mix of students which opened opportunities for him to meet different kinds of people. ‘The cohorts are fairly small so I had the opportunity to really get to know people and most importantly get to know my lecturers in the way I wanted to.’


Darren completed his studies in 2014 and sees his investment at Excelsia in terms of time and money as relatively small but huge both personally and professionally. ‘I personally am really interested in educational theory and philosophy, and Excelsia helped me to develop and expand those ideas and think more deeply about what it really means to be a Christian teacher and to have an educational system that’s infused with Christianity.’


In terms of his future, Darren wants to stay firmly planted at Cair Paravel Latin School. ‘Someone once said fulfilment in life comes from finding the thing that you really love doing and finding somebody to pay you to do that, and that’s where I’m at. I’m just blooming where I’m planted and really enjoying it. The Lord has taken me through a lot of winding roads to get where I am, and I can see His leading all along that pathway.’


Teachers are highly sought after and play such a vital role in the life of a child and in transforming their future. If Darren’s story has inspired you to play a role in the lives of young adults, it’s never too late to consider teaching. Why not explore our Master of Teaching (Primary) or Master of Teaching (Secondary)?



The Sector (2022). World Teachers’ Day is coming up, and AITSL says ‘hats off to teachers’.

Friends’ opinions can weigh heavily on deciding where to study, just ask Willem New. Hearing about a friend’s positive experience studying a Bachelor of Music at Wesley Institute (now Excelsia College) after making a career change from information technology was the catalyst Willem needed when he decided to enrol in the same course, also making the shift from IT and customer service-based roles. Returning to study 10 years after leaving school is no easy transition, however Willem found Excelsia College helpful for getting back into the mindset of learning new things. ‘The College pushed me in my musical learning and helped me become a better musician through constant opportunities to perform. It was an environment that was vibrant, engaging and growth oriented. I found a community of amazing artists who were all extremely willing to help each other grow and learn. That hasn’t changed – I’m still in touch with many of my peers from my time as a Bachelor of Music student,’ explains Willem.

After graduating from Excelsia College with a Bachelor of Music in 2012, Willem went on to complete his Graduate Diploma in Education in 2015. Now he works as a music teacher at Greenacre Baptist Christian Community School (GBCCS), a small independent school in south-west Sydney. As the sole music teacher, Willem hopes to inspire students to enjoy music and learning in general from a range of subjects. ‘At GBCCS I help to produce musical productions, help students to smash out amazing performances and journey with them on an exploration of who they are and who they can become,’ he says.

One of Willem’s favorite Bible verses is Isaiah 41:10 which says, ‘So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.’ Willem explains, ‘There’s a lot of fear everywhere these days and in the creative and performing arts department at my school, something we focus on is the idea that we can “create without fear”. Kids are fearful of failing, fearful of being ridiculed, fearful of looking like a goose in front of their peers, fearful of someone else being better than them. God has made us to be creative beings and He is always with us, so we have nothing to fear when we create but everything to gain. Any failures are an opportunity to learn and do it better next time; anyone who’s better than us is someone to be inspired by, not defeated by; any naysayers are an opportunity to strengthen resolve and overcome challenge,’ Willem explains.

As for his highlights during his time at Excelsia College, Willem’s end-of-degree recital was a definite highlight. ‘Performing incredible pieces with a massive band of fellow students who really pushed me to play my best was absolutely wonderful. Beyond that, memories of rehearsing choir parts for performance at the Sydney Opera House, learning how to really compose new music and jamming out tunes at the drop of a hat will always stay with me,’ he says.

If Willem’s story has struck a chord with you, why not explore Excelsia College’s Bachelor of Music, Master of Music or Master of Teaching (Secondary)?

Willem New – How one friend’s encouragement was the catalyst for a career change

Declan Montgomery is a Bachelor of Dramatic Art alumnus from Excelsia College and has been nominated for best actor for his role in Pinch Me, which has also been nominated for best Australian film 2022 at AFIN International Film Festival run in Brisbane. Produced by Wavelength Films, Pinch Me explores the disorientating line between dreams and reality, where four tight-knit students bask in their collective friendship on the eve of one leaving for new lands. For budding actor Declan Montgomery, being nominated is a surreal experience and took him completely by surprise!


‘I’m still actually processing it. It feels great to have something I worked on not only being watched by people but to have them enjoy it so much that they think it’s worth nominating not only me but the whole cast, it’s something special. The industry comes in waves and having my work being consumed and enjoyed by people is encouraging and reminds me why I chose this career path in the first place,’ explains Declan.


Declan cites being a part of Pinch me as one of his favourite chapters at Excelsia. ‘To experience what it’s like on a professional film set, working with industry professionals alongside the close friends I made at college, it’s an experience that’s unmatched. Shooting scenes in different locations, redubbing lines in ADR (automated dialogue replacement) was a perfect sample of a professional production and I’m eternally grateful for everyone that worked on it, especially the director Michael McLennan, who’s also a lecturer for the Bachelor of Dramatic Art course at Excelsia.’


As a Bachelor of Dramatic Art graduate, Declan now aspires to work primarily as an actor and to positively impact the lives of others. ‘I’m working on a couple of scripts for TV shows myself and some friends are preparing to pitch to different networks next year. The reason I act other than just loving it is to entertain others. To know I’ve brought a smile to someone’s face or had an impact on them with my art is all I can ask for with any of my performances and I truly hope Pinch Me is just the start of that.’


We can’t wait to see the impact Declan makes on our screens and stage. If you want to explore a career within the creative and performing arts sector, why not consider Excelsia College’s Bachelor of Dramatic Art? The three-year course will help you develop your confidence and skills as you network with industry professionals and have potential exposure to amazing opportunities like Declan has! In the 2021 QILT student experience survey results, Excelsia rated number one for skills development in creative arts undergraduate courses across New South Wales. The Bachelor of Dramatic Art will help you develop the foundations you need to succeed in a cut-throat industry.

Vonnie Ho has travelled a winding road in her pursuit to becoming a counsellor, juggling family expectations and changing courses. Working part-time in the hospitality industry whilst studying a Bachelor of Business exposed Vonnie to a diverse range of individuals and hearing her colleagues and customers past experiences, traumas, and family history ultimately affirmed her decision to become a counsellor. Vonnie decided to commit to this dream in 2019 when she commenced her Master of Counselling at Excelsia College. Fast forward to May 2022 and she enjoyed graduating with her cohort at Wesley Mission Conference Centre!

Vonnie was attracted to Excelsia because she wanted to learn counselling theory not only from a clinical world view, but also a Christian world view. ‘The diversity of the community in Excelsia College gives us the opportunity to make friends and connections with students within not only the counselling school but also other schools. At the same time, the small classes allowed us to build strong relationships with our peers. The staff members such as student support and the chaplain organise a lot of college activities, chapel services and Bible studies which create a caring and supportive environment for the student’s learning in college.’ As a Christian, Vonnie enjoyed getting involved in the College’s Bible study and also answering questions from her classmates who were exploring Christianity. ‘I felt very encouraged by my peers and also enjoyed the time to pray together and reading God’s Word,’ she explains.

During her time at Excelsia, Vonnie was trained with different counselling skills, had placement experience in the field and received one-on-one confidential counselling on campus as part of her course. ‘This gave me a great opportunity to foster my personal growth as a counsellor.’ Now, Vonnie is juggling different jobs and exploring her future career in counselling within a variety of different work contexts. This includes working with immigrants, using her multilingual abilities to relate to clients in English, Chinese and Malay, as well as working in one of the biggest psychiatric hospitals in Australia, with an Employee Assistance Program company and also running her own private practice.

One of Vonnie’s favourite quotes is by Henri J. M. Nouwen which says, ‘Be surprised by joy, be surprised by the little flower that shows its beauty in the midst of a barren desert, and be surprised by the immense healing power that keeps bursting forth like springs of freshwater from the depth of our pain.’ Vonnie explains, ‘I trust that each and every experience of our life shapes us for who we are and they are all different gifts of God. Sometimes we may have difficult feelings around, and that’s how it makes us human, the experiences in joy and trials walking with God.’ Vonnie values the importance of therapeutic relationships and in providing a safe space where individuals feel heard and supported with life’s challenges.

Studying during the beginning of the pandemic was both challenging and unsettling as classes moved online and students and staff didn’t know when they would be back on campus. Despite this, Excelsia College aimed to provide practical support to staff and students doing it particularly tough, something Vonnie is grateful for. ‘Even though we were unable to meet physically, I could still see how the staff and students were willing to support one another. The students also came up with a food donation drive for their friends who were financially struggling. I remember how a lot of our lecturers checked in with us, knowing that some of the students were struggling, which still warms my heart to this day.’

Part of Excelsia College’s values are to exemplify the life of Christ in our commitments, actions and in our relationships, and it is this community which Vonnie describes as ‘Christlike, inclusive and authentic’. Vonnie is reminded of God’s faithfulness, both in the good times and the bad times, also reflected through her favourite Bible verse Romans 8:28 which says, ‘And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.’ This verse reminds me again of how God is faithful to each and every one of us, whether in good times or bad times. We can trust that God still loves us even if living in difficult times or uncertainties.’ Vonnie is now able to integrate her faith into her work as a counsellor and offers faith-based services to clients.

If you want to study counselling from a Christian perspective in a nurturing, supportive environment, why not explore our Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Master of Counselling? Alternative pathways are available if you do not have the required study.

Vonnie Ho | Master of Counselling

Karen Anson graduated from Excelsia College with a Master of Music in 2019, with an interest in low flutes (flutes that play below the range of the standard orchestral C flute). For Karen, wanting to finish her degree at a smaller campus in person drew her to Excelsia, an environment that she describes as ‘welcoming, supportive and community minded’.


‘I felt very welcomed from the start by the other students from the music department and staff. I enjoyed being a part of the practical shows and concert practice (cp’s) and as a master’s student I felt welcomed and happy to be the first to present a practice-led research thesis of Australian low flute repertoire,’ explains Karen. For nearly 22 years Karen has been part of concert bands, first joining only six months after starting flute lessons! She performed with South Pacific Concert Band for over seven years and for the past two years has played with Camden Community band.


Karen was working for the Department of Education as a primary school teacher when she first commenced her studies at Excelsia College. She had experience working as a conductor and tutor of woodwind and brass instruments within the public school system, but she was striving towards a lifelong goal. ‘The most motivation I had throughout the degree was the fact that I was completing a lifelong goal of becoming a music teacher. Some mantras I lived by throughout my studies are “never give up” and “follow your dreams” and I still carry these mantras with me to this day.’


Excelsia helped open doors for Karen to work within new school contexts. ‘Now, I teach a school wind band program through the Amadeus Music instrumental program within the Sydney Catholic Schools system, something I hadn’t done previously.’


One of Karen’s highlights during her time at Excelsia from 2017 to 2019 was presenting and premiering two new Australian low flute pieces to the College community as part of her thesis, one of which has now been published through Middle C Music company, who publish music scores. She performed this piece on flute (not alto flute) for the Band Association of New South Wales’ state solo contest on 25 June this year, in the open flute and piccolo section and was awarded first place!


She also premiered an alto flute piece for her last recital at Excelsia. ‘Taking part in showcase nights as a master’s student alongside the undergraduate students is up there as one of my favourite times at the College,’ says Karen. ‘I had a wonderful small support group of friends and my fabulous flute teacher who totally believed in my abilities even when I didn’t and never let me settle for second best or give up.’


If you have a passion for music like Karen and want to study an instrument or specialise in a particular area of music, why not explore where Excelsia College’s Master of Music can take you? With passionate staff and leading industry professionals to learn from, Excelsia College can be the place that will extend you.


Karen Anson – How growing confidence in her musical abilities led to a winning tune!

For Anthony Barden, Excelsia College was the clear choice when deciding where to complete his Master of Teaching (Primary). The 2016 graduate noticed that the College placed emphasis on a Christian framework in the course and he saw firsthand the faithfulness of his lecturers when he first met with them. ‘It was clear that they took their teaching roles as a God-given responsibilities and that they worked hard to integrate biblical truth into their subjects,’ explains Anthony.


The support of a learning environment, staff and peers can be instrumental in helping to motivate and inspire an individual in pursuing their chosen profession, something Anthony personally experienced. ‘Excelsia is a faithful, professional, and encouraging environment. I felt really connected to other like-minded individuals (both staff and my peers). It was good to make these connections as it helped to spur me on in my calling to be an educator. I found the feedback from Excelsia staff during my practicum placements very constructive and helpful for shaping my reflective thinking on my teaching practice. This set a great tone for further development even once I’d finished my studies at Excelsia.’


Studying at Excelsia helped Anthony become effective as a teacher in a variety of Christian contexts, opening up opportunities to work as a children’s minister, primary school chaplain, Christian primary school teacher and Quiz Worx ministry worker, sharing the Gospel with children across Australia. Anthony’s favourite Bible verse is Romans 8:28 which says, ‘And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.’ Anthony dwells on this verse as he undertakes a transition period. ‘God is always present and active, no matter the circumstances,’ he explains as he awaits the right opportunity to work in full time children’s ministry in whatever capacity God provides. ‘God has provided the opportunity for further studies in education at a higher level in a Master of Education, time for reflection on how to grow as a disciple and to seek to glorify Him in the use of my time.’


Excelsia’s graduation ceremony was a highlight for Anthony, helping him to feel a close connection to God and students. ‘There was a really special moment in our graduation where we were serenaded by some of the creative and performing arts students; I remember them coming in really close, surrounding us with music and the love of the Holy Spirit. I felt really blessed and cared for from these students whom I’d never met before – it was a clear work of God.’


If you want to be taught by inspiring staff and develop academically and spiritually, stretch your thinking, and grow as an individual, why not explore Excelsia College’s School of Education? With courses available including a Master of Teaching (Primary), Master of Teaching (Secondary) and Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Birth to 5), you never know where your teaching qualifications could take you. You could use it for ministry opportunities just like Anthony has!

Alumni Story - Anthony Alumni