Excelsia College | Oz to LA 2024

CAPA’s once in a lifetime opportunity

Oz to LA is an elective unit which provides drama students with the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles, California to study at the Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory (LAPAC) and learn various acting and filmmaking techniques, as well as the mechanics of the entertainment industry. 
The Oz to LA unit includes attendance and participation in various industry events and activities. These activities typically, though subject to change, include film premieres, industry conferences and Q&As with industry professionals, film studio tours and networking events. Through working with established industry practitioners and attending various conferences and industry activities, students develop film industry contacts and gain valuable insight into the Hollywood film industry. 
Joss Chalmers, an alumnus of Excelsia College and former Bachelor of Dramatic Art student, attests to the unit’s impact on her journey. She emphasises the value of being taught by experienced professionals genuinely invested in the growth of their students, both as artists and individuals. Joss reflects on her time in Hollywood, stating, ‘Studying and training screen acting in Hollywood was a super inspiring experience. 
LAPAC’s acting training prepares artists for delivering emotional truth in film, television, and theatre performance. They focus on teaching key acting techniques that develop the actor’s physical and vocal skills, and teaching skills that prepare actors for auditions and succeeding in the theatre, film and television industries. LAPAC supports actors toward the goal of behaving moment to moment, spontaneously, truthfully, emotionally, and imaginatively all at the same time so that the actor is grounded and prepared to develop character work from a real place. 
LAPAC’s filmmaking training empowers students to effectively express themselves by helping them to discover the personal connection to their work, and to give them the tools necessary to bring that personal expression to life. During the students’ time in LA they will create an original short film with LAPAC tutors guiding them through the various stages of production and teaching expert skills in story development, pre-production planning, designing, camera perspectives, cinematic tools, editing, dramatic finalising, and sound design. 
Oz to LA is a unit for students who are serious about pursuing and developing skills in preparation for an acting or filmmaking vocation. The unit is both a training and a networking opportunity, with exposure to potential employers via real and/or mock auditions, filmmaking experience, seminars, workshops and casting agent critiques.  
Due to the level of maturity required for such a unit, a robust application process is followed which will also help students to develop professionally. Students intending to apply are only accepted into the unit if their audition or portfolio, interview, academic record and other relevant considerations are satisfactory. If you are serious about pursuing a career in dramatic arts then look no further than the Bachelor of Dramatic Art, more information can be found here.