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Cameron Lyon – Excellent Personalities

Since starting at Excelsia College in 2014, Cameron Lyon has worn a variety of hats, having worked as Student Recruitment Coordinator, Communications Coordinator and Student Support Manager for the College.


Cameron’s current role is as Screen Production Course Manager for the Bachelor of Screen Production, in partnership with Sydney Film School. He is passionate about advocating for the power of the screen, finding the stories that should capture our attention and working creatively to improve people’s skills and experiences. Cameron has applied excellence to all his roles, and it is for this reason that he is a worthy Excellent Personality.


Cameron works closely with Bachelor of Screen Production students to understand their worldview and oversee creative pieces from conception right through to the finished product. ‘Students surprise me frequently with their gifts, endurance, and unique way of thinking. It’s a delight to meet with students and understand their worldview. Particularly in my context of screen storytelling, it’s fascinating seeing what creativity they produce,’ Cameron explains.


Students in Bachelor of Screen Production also gain Cameron’s insight into the industry. Having worked in feature films as a screen actor, he uses this experience to instil a passion for storytelling in the next generation. Already Cameron has been able to develop, launch, and manage the Excelsia and Sydney Film School Award which offers students a full scholarship to the degree.


Throughout his nearly eight years at Excelsia, God has taught Cameron to keep Him as his central focus, even amongst the busyness of life. ‘Anytime I shift from that thinking, I miss the beauty in the day to day, His grace towards me and, paradoxically, I lose focus in my work.’ Likewise, Cameron enjoys approaching his role with innovation, creativity and difference, something Excelsia College’s CEO Peter McKeon often speaks about with his staff. ‘Peter asks, “How can I do things differently?” and I find this way of thinking crucial to work life. At times, Christians can be accused of being impartial to outcomes with eternity in mind. God calls us to a balanced way of thinking with the now and not yet. The now matters to God too. I think having this innovative and creative way of thinking moves us into a space of fascinating potential. Walt Disney once said, “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths*,”’ explains Cameron.


When he’s not working, Cameron enjoys watching Messi play football, getting amongst his church community, woodworking, and binging a quality television series. ‘I would describe Excelsia as a place of upward voyage.’ These words seem so fitting considering all the wonderful ways Cameron has already blessed the Excelsia community and will continue to do so.


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