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Shooting has wrapped and post-production has commenced on Excelsia College’s School of Drama’s fifth short film, Encounters. Written and directed Michael Bates (The Projectionist 2002, awarded the Grand Prix at the 2003 Tampere Film Festival) and shot by cinematographer Tara O’Connell (September 2016), the film explores how past actions shape present circumstances with unforeseen consequences.

For final year Bachelor of Dramatic Arts (Performance) students Jackie, Bethany, Anthea and Nicole, it was opportunity to extend their film acting skills and experience as well as form the basis of industry-standard showreels.

Student Sound Recordist for the shoot, Luke Shepherd, who is completing a Theatre Practice Major reports, “It was certainly an experience – I learnt a great deal about the process of filmmaking and the difficulties faced throughout.”

Both key crew roles and support roles were undertaken by Theatre Practice & Production majors. Goals for the project included exposing students to the rigors of film making while mentoring cast and crew through ‘real-world’ experiences.

Theatre Practice Major and student Continuity Rebecca Lang says, “I’m really appreciative for the opportunity to work in the short film. It was good to see how the team works together to get a film done. We had limited resources and people, but it was great to see how a professional quality film can be created with such a small crew.

Encounter will be available to the general public in early 2018

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2014 Bachelor of Dramatic Art graduate, George Zhao, has been nominated for a Silver Logie in the category “Best New Talent”

George has performed his way towards his first TV week Logie nomination for his portrayal of the big brother, girl chasing, music loving Andrew Law in the new SBS sitcom The Family Law.

George is nominated for a Silver Logie under “Best New Talent”. This is the shows second nomination as it is also up for a silver logie in the category “Best Entertainment Program”.

The Family Law is a sitcom following the awkward, dysfunctional and humorous story of a Chinese-Australian Family. Written by Benjimin Law and Mareke Hardy, the story is told through the lens of the youngest child, Ben Law. Since the show first aired on Jan 14th it has been warmly received by the public and is earning great critical success.

George says in a article by Suzy Wrong; “I’ve been incredibly blessed to work with all the people on this production, they are all incredibly loving and willing to help those around without a second thought”.

We spoke to George about working on The Family Law; “As an Australian Asian actor, these role are a dream come true. As the public will see these are ‘Asians’ you see aren’t Kung Fu experts or super nerds but just an ordinary family with its own quirks and complications. This diversity is lacking in Australian television and only in recent history has that begun to change”.

George is a humble young man and has been diligently working hard in d his career as an actor. At the beginning of the year he performed with Opera Australian in their production of Aida and appeared recently in the theatre play of  The Screwtape Letters by C.S Lewis, adapted and directed by fellow Alumni Hailey McQueen.

“It takes tenacity as well as talent to carve out a successful career as an actor and we are so proud of what George has achieved. We’ll be voting for him.” Jo Carne, Drama Coordinator.

We would love to encourage all reading this to take the time to vote for George in his Logie nomination. Go to and search for George Zhao in the category Best New Talent. Voting Closes December 18.

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Applications for 2017 are open now.



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Featured Erin Good, Tim Nagle.

Every year School of Drama students complete their final studies with a flurry of graduation projects spanning both theatre and film. This year was no different, with third year students shooting the short film The Outside, before heading onto three graduation shows Hearts Like Fists, Thom Pain and The Pastor and The Painter.

The film was developed in collaboration with Performance majors and written by Theatre Practice students Tahlia Mathieson, Aly O’Doherty & Victoria Little. Working under the guidance of staff from the International Screen Academy, filming took place over three consecutive days in a large sound stage located at Waterloo.

When asked about the inspiration for the script, Tahlia said “The basic premise of the film was to make an escape movie. We wanted to create something that showcased all our actors’ talents, and that had an element of mystery and real drama about it. Cassie’s story evolved out of that.”

Drawing on inspiration from The Hunger Games and The Island, the film is set in a dystopian world where the fight for survival amidst subverted political forces is constantly present. Cassie, a loner, finds herself trapped inside a stark ward-like facility surrounded by strangers. She attempts to escape only to be dragged back in by other prisoners who are too afraid to try. Routine beatings at the hands of merciless wardens are a constant threat and even though she is surrounded by others like her she doesn’t know who to trust.

Tasked with creating the barren and hostile world for the movie was Head of Art Department and recent graduate John Sullivan. Since graduating in 2015 John has secured work with the ABC, Channel 9 and a variety of independent productions so he’s no stranger to the film medium. When asked about the style of the movie, John said  “The look had to have a dirty, grungy kinda feel. The audience isn’t quite sure if the characters are locked in an old abandoned hospital or if they’re actually in a prison, because everything has that run down, forgotten and deserted kind of look to it.”

The movie is in the final stage of post production, with the release date set for early 2017.

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How does music fit together with Social Justice?

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Our end of year Music Contemporary Showcase!

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Lumen Research Institute Conference

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Our 2016 Grad Show!

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Watch 5 different shows in one night! View a range of different theatre – From Shakespeare to devised movement works. This night of theatre is sure to appeal to everybody, and will tickle every tastebud.

Watch our third year students produce a work that is entirely their own. These students are at their best, just months away from graduating.


The Influencing Machine

Devised by Blake Eaton in collaboration with Jesse Northam and Samantha Winsor.

Amuse yourself to death…..

Based on the ‘The Origin of the Influencing Machine in Schizophrenia” written by psychoanalyst Victor Tausk, this production proves that the diabolical influencing machine still lives on. Almost a hundred years after Tausk warned of paranoid delusions associated with mind control, the influencing machine has not abated but strengthened, moving from being a figment of the imagination to a very real, very dangerous little device known as “the small black box.”

Follow Winston and Julia as the teenagers desperately try to find each other in a world overrun by the machine.


Falling To Pieces
Devised by Carla Spoto in collaboration with Alisha Rasmussen, Melanie Ham and Luke Shepherd.

Love can drive you crazy

What is so good about love and why do we all desire it? Who hasn’t been in love, wants love or has lost love? If your love was taken from you, what would you do to get it back? Would you rather live a life heartbroken with the possibility of moving on and starting fresh, or would you find the pain so excruciating that the only way out is in death, believing that in death you would finally be set free?

Falling to Pieces is a movement based work based on personal experiences with both passion and heartache.



from The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) [Revised]

Written by Adam Long, Daniel Singer and Jess Winfield

It’s Shakespeare on a diet!

Ever wondered what Hamlet would be like without the long monologues and soliloquies? Watch as three ambitious actors take you on a fast paced, action filled, comedic version of Hamlet, without all the boring bits. Full of sword fights, death scenes, ghosts, revenge, murder, poison, maidens and of course “alas poor Yorick”, it’s the funniest tragedy Shakespeare never wrote.

By arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd, on behalf of Paradigm New York.


The Wemmicks

Based on the bestselling children’s book You Are Special by Max Lucardo

Devised by Emily Sulzberger in collaboration with Rob Carne, Jesse Northam, Sam Flack, Rosa Sullivan and Peter Allison

For the little wood people who live in Wemmick-ville, everyday is about what sort of sticker you get. If you’re pretty and talented you’ll get a gold star, but if you’re chipped, awkward or accident prone, then an ugly grey dot is your reward. For poor Punchinello, grey dots are all he can expect. And with the Festival of Stickers looming ahead, all hope of winning the Most Stars Award has disappeared. What’s worse, Punchinello seems doomed to scoop up the only award nobody wants, the Most Dots award. If only there was someone who could fix him…..



Written & Directed by Kirsten Tolley.

When Kelly and Xue Ling Qiao try to fit in at their new school, they must decide whether to hold fast to, or completely abandon their culture and interests. One chooses to abandon their past and blend in, while the other refuses to give up the one thing that makes them happy. Why is a tragic story about belonging, cultural identity and the difficulties one might face if they are deemed ‘too different’.

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Find out more HERE

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The evening will provide an opportunity for you to get an in-depth insight into the course structure of our Master of Counselling, Graduate Diploma of Counselling and new Graduate Certificate in Counselling.

The night is conducted by our dedicated counselling staff with the Head of Counselling Dr Marie-Therese Proctor speaking about the course and interviewing some of our current students about their experience.

RSVP at //