In an Excelsia (and we'd say world first), a baby has been born in the Zoom classroom!

An Excelsia Master of Business Administration student was attending a Stewardship unit in the theatre room of the hospital, waiting for his wife to welcome their little girl. Lecturer Amy Lee said she was so touched by the student's competency and commitment to his course whilst in the thick of experiencing this life changing event.

"He was so organised that he completed all the assessments in advance so he would have time for his little Angel in the coming days. This highlighted the student’s dedication and enthusiasm to active learning within the course and I feel immensely proud to be teaching him. The whole class including myself was ecstatic and we were flooding the chat room with congratulatory messages and putting happy emoji on the ZOOM screen. I said to him that he could be excused to attend to his wife as she needed his support."

This heartwarming news demonstrates the commitment of Excelsia’s students and dedication of lecturers in demonstrating pastoral care, empathy and ongoing support in the classroom to help students achieve their professional goals and beyond.  Excelsia teaches resilience on many different fronts that helps students to grow, both professionally and personally.

Excelsia is thrilled to have been a part of this joyous occasion. Big congratulations to the student and his wife in welcoming their new little bundle of joy. We can only hope she follows in her father’s footsteps and we look forward to welcoming her to Excelsia in 2038!

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